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These Pinterest-Worthy Work Spaces Will Make You Never Want To Leave The Office

Writers, artists, architects, designers, start-up entrepreneurs and all you creative freelancers, we have got an interesting line up of work spaces for you! Yes, Chennai has plenty of artsy spaces and we couldn’t resist showing you some of these really pretty, Pinterest-style ones. Perfect to meet deadlines, co-work, meet like minded peeps and stir up conversations with your peers! Have a look.

This workspace in Central Avenue is oh-so dreamy. Not just a coworking space, but The Grid is also a musicians adda. The place has many soulful gigs week after week and brings together many budding artists. Freelancers and others looking for a spacious and quiet place to bring out your creative best, this graffiti building offers colorful terraces, brick-walled rooms, and libraries, setting an apt environment to work at. 

Backyard is quite the office away from the office to sit down and get to work. This small workspace is not just pretty but has also got loads of inspiration on its walls. Filled with art, photographs, and quotes, Backyard even offers food in the form of spiced buns, chicken and gobi dishes too. Don’t forget to sip on some free coffee too!

Here you could also pay for the number of hours you lounge around starting at INR 100 per hour. They also host open mics, workshops, standup comedy sessions, and other events.

The Workafella group has spaces in multiple places around Chennai and is for anyone who likes classic interiors. Dominated by yellow and black colour schemes, Workafella is sophisticated and provides a dynamic workspace. Workenstein in Perugundi is very much like quaint cafes, only this one comes with wooden desks alongside large windows. The spaces are well equipped with all amenities and come with food courts, private work areas, and meeting rooms. Workafella/Workenstein and even Workenstein Plus in Shollingnalur is an apt place for someone looking for a more corporate environment. Also, no worries about pulling off all-nighters, the place is open 24/7!

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