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Chocolate Shawarma Concept & A Nutella Oreo Burger?


This spot in Besant Nagar called Chocolate Shawarma (yup, that’s the name!) brings loads of chocolate to the concept of shawarma making. Plus, their Nutella Oreo Burger is all kinds of awesome.

What Makes It Awesome

There are tons of cafes that serve delicious chocolate goodies and bakeries that are dedicated to serving the best of the best in chocolate. But here’s something about Chocolate Shawarma. They actually offer three kinds of chocolates on a rotisserie from where they take shavings that go onto the dishes on their menu. Dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate put together and scraped off quite literally like how you’d see at a shawarma joint but with meat instead, of course.

They’ve got a Tiramisu Crepe (INR 145) served with Nutella and tiramisu and then topped with chocolate shavings. They also do waffles with chocolate and even a burger! You’re probably thinking how a burger would work, but let us tell you just what goes into this delicious creation known as the Nutella Oreo Burger (INR 105). Sandwiched between the buns is a nice thick spread of Nutella and Oreo crumbs and the whole thing is topped with chocolate shavings. Yum!

And if crepes and burgers are not your style, fear not. They’ve got the Classic Waffle which is served with ice cream and chocolate shavings. And they also have a variety of other waffles including Banana Waffle with bananas, chocolate sauce, and chocolate shavings. There really is quite a bit to choose from. They are currently under renovation so do make a call to check when they reopen first.

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