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OMG! Have You Tried This Insane 24-Layered Cake Yet?


Crumb Patisserie is Egmore cafe Kapao Dos‘ more recent dessert addition and they serve cakes and more with a twist. Read on to know more and you might just be as tempted as we are to head there ASAP.

Sweet & Sinful

If you thought Sandy’s That Tiny Chocolate Cake is a big deal, then you’ll be amazed by the this one too! Crumb Patisserie has a humongous 24 layer cake and it’s all things awesome! The cake is made with 24 layers of chocolate and caramel and is as big as it can get. Ready for a mouthful? The cake needs to be ordered a day in advance at least and for two kilos it costs about INR 1,600. Perfect for a BFF’s birthday if they’re a big time foodie!

They also have some special cookie and Magnum-based desserts. Yes, Magnum the ice-cream stick! In their cookie line up, we loved their Cookie Monster. Imagine cookies stacked up with ice cream scoops in between? Yes! Best way to relish and beat the summer heat too. Made up of soft oat meal and chocolate cookies, this is worth a try. And wait, there’s more! They even have an Old Monk-infused cake called Monkey Business that has chocolate mud sponge and chocolate mousse, cherry compote and Old Monk. Drool.

In the Magnum delicacies, we found their Magnum Punch pretty interesting. It is made of dark brownies, chocolate cookies and topped with almonds and a classic Magnum bar.

More Please!

Craving Ferrero Rocher? Worry not as they have an eggless Ferrero Rocher cake too, which literally just melts in your mouth with a nice, crispy start. They have eggless oatmeal, cranberry and white chocolate cookies as well.

Also, if you are in the mood for some fresh cream and fruit, Berries and Cream, is perfect for sweet and tangy  cravings. Multi-layered, this pastry consists of berry compote, creme Chantilly, a vanilla sponge and also chocolate ganache. Yum, yum and yum!

This dessert parlor is right below Kapao Dos and is definitely worth going to if you’re in the mood to dig in to some delicious desserts. Even more so if you love Magnum or want to stuff your face with cake. We like!

Find them on Instagram here.

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