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Massage Oils, Puppy Poo's Daily Needs, Bow Ties, Or Dog Books: These Pet Stores Have Got Your Doggo Covered!

Taking care of your furry companion can be stressful, especially when you’re not sure about where to go for quality pet supplies. Cute accessories or grooming supplies, we have curated you the list of the best pet shops in Chennai that will give your pet the best of care. Show that you care! 

Located right by Bessy beach, Pet101 is small and yet stocks all the essentials you need, to take care of and groom your furry companion. Food troughs, basic medical supplies like tape and sprays, and shampoos from reputed brands can be found here.  We recommend making the most of the visit to this pet store by taking a walk along the beach with your four-legged friend. You can also give them a quick spa session here! Along with the store, they also have an attached grooming studio and swimming pool. What a relaxing day out for your baby pupper!

Pet owners from Anna Nagar may recognise this entry. Classic Pet Shop, has been around since 2004 and caters predominantly to dogs and cats, as it provides pet essentials like food, leashes, beds, collars, tags, supplements, snacks, scratching posts, chew toys, and more. They’re known for the variety of brands that they stock, supply bird food and food for small animals too. They have some adorable chew toys in the shape of bones and more! The best part is that they deliver supplies home if you stay nearby.

Shaggie Pet Store in Nandanam is known for its wide variety of pet supplies and accessories, with a special focus on premium pet supplies from top brands. Their staff know their products in and out and are happy to deliver supplies home if you’re nearby, for a small delivery fee. In addition to stocking supplies and accessories, they’ve got an arsenal of pet healthcare items as well, with sprays, salves, and ointments for common ailments. You can find some basic allergy medicines as well. They have some amazing tasty treats as well so don't forget to treat your doggo for being a good boy!

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