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Mughlai, Dindigul, Or Hyderabadi: You Can't Go Wrong With Biryani At These Chennai Restaurants

Decadent and comforting, biryani is every food lover’s bae. For biryani lovers, this city is a treat. After all, we can dig into Tamil Nadu’s many biryani inventions, from Ambur to Dindigul and Chettinad, right here in the city. And we can even feast on biryanis from Hyderabad, Lucknow, and the Mughlai kitchens. Here are the best biryani stops in Chennai.

There are over 15 outlets of this legendary outlet in Chennai, so, you can gauge its popularity with the crowds. Lightly fragrant, the mutton (or chicken) biryani can sure perk you up after a hard day. Pair it with a plate of spicy Chicken Tikka or a plate of Aasife’s Special BBQ and you’ve got a winning meal.

Chennai is surrounded by biryani hubs. There’s Ambur not very far, and if you are heading towards Hosur, you’ll find the famed Dindigul biryani. But don’t worry, you don’t have to budge an inch to get your share of steaming hot Dindigul biryani. This famed chain restaurant serves boneless mutton biryani, chicken versions, and biryani in a bucket to feed your entire brood.

Specialising in Mughlai and North Indian flavours, Copper Chimney is where you head to when you’ve got a calorie-loaded treat on your mind. Stuff your face with their excellent Dum Gosht Biryani that’s sprinkled with saffron and features chunks of beautifully cooked lamb. That said, it’s certainly a more fine dine version of the meal.

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