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Pav Bhaji Fondue To Nargisi Kofta, There's More To Vegetarian Food Than Idli Sambhar

Anyone who thinks Chennai is all about idli and dosa grossly underestimates the diversity of culinary preferences and cuisine in this dynamic, cosmopolitan city. Here’s a round up (by no means exhaustive) of some of the city’s favourite all-vegetarian eateries from where you can feast on continental, Chinese and North-Indian cuisine. 

If you’ve lived in Chennai long enough, you’ve been to Eden. The restaurant has retained its status as the ultimate destination for family outings, friends’ gatherings or a simple, quiet meal even as fancier, newer places burgeon in the city. Whether it’s their baked Italian dishes like the Garden Style Vegetable Bake or the paneer which is always soft and tender. Eden’s hallmark is its consistency and quality. 

Truly a family favourite, Cream Centre won’t disappoint — whether you’re craving cheesy nachos, tomato-ey spaghetti, sinfully greasy channa bhatura or a non-fussy, satisfying aloo paratha. The sizzlers are particularly worshipped; and as you attack your steaming, hissing paneer shashlik or Schezwan vegetable sizzler, remember to reserve some space in your tummy for their iconic – and wickedly tasty – sizzling brownie with ice cream.

Think continental vegetarian, and Italian is usually the answer. Little Italy offers fairly authentic tasting, well-sized Italian dishes. While it is famous for its fresh caprese, herbed garlic bread and assortment of pastas (and really fresh pesto), the restaurant’s dark horse is its pizza with its crackling thin crust and assortment of toppings. The tiramisu is particularly recommended. 

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