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Bowties And Massage Oils: Your Doggo Will Love This New Pet Boutique

What Makes It Awesome

Why should hoomans have all the fun? There's a lot for your pawsome pets at Heads Up For Tails started by Manju Kamath and Devan Thuppali. The knick-knacks at this store are extremely adorable. From toys, doggy food bowls, imported food, pet bed to customised leashes, there's a lot to choose from.  We absolutely loved the toys they have for pets; stuffed toys, balls, and teethers, your pawed pets are going to have a treat. Speaking of treats, they have an entire section with dog and cat treats which will make your pets day.  Lavender and peppermint shampoo, snout butter, paw butter, massage oils, they have a plethora of pet-friendly cosmetics, too. (Wish we lived the pet life.)  We know how handsome our dogs and cats look with bowties, find them in different patterns and choose the best for boss doggy. These cost INR 399.  Comfy beddings are also available at the store for INR 3,000 onwards. Juno, Hugo or Snowy, get your pets name customised on their leash. These cost INR 1,000. Don't forget to pick up their ID tags where you can key in their names and add your phone number in case they go missing.  Don't expect the usual Pedigree at this store. They have exclusive pet food brands like Acana or Orijin. There are customised clothes, too! We totally loved the one for the dogs that come with a hoodie. Cute to the power infinity, don't you think?   They will soon be opening spa services for the pets, yay!

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000

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