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Bite Into These Sourdough Pizzas And Get Transported To New York!


This new Italian restaurant will transport you to the north of Little Italy in New York thanks to their sourdough pizzas. 

What Makes It Awesome

Name at least three cafes in Chennai that offer sourdough pizza. Can't think of even one? We will give you a name that is hard to forget. Nolita is the latest pizzeria in Chennai that draws inspiration from the New York - Neapolitan style pizza making commonly found in the neighbourhood of Nolita in New York City. We went on to Google maps to find out that Nolita is a little neighbourhood that is located in the North of Little Italy in Manhattan. 

The pizzeria is a part of Ikhaya Artisanal Boutique (they also have an event space and a designer studio - Button Thief Co). We love that the 40-seater cafe has an outdoor seating space that is laid-back, and a mix of Mediterranean chic meets contemporary. Blue and white walls, under the trees, sourdough pizzas, add this to your new list of date places in the city. 

Shreya Bajaj, one of the owners of the restaurant suggests we start with the Three Cheese Mushroom Veloute Soup. This thick, creamy soup is made with tiny bits of mushrooms and three seasonal cheese. To me and my companion, this was more like a thick dip that was never-ending. (Read: We didn't want it to end!) 

From their list of Anti-Pasti (they have Chicken Wings, Toast With Mushroom & Pesto, Cheese, Jalapenos & Olive Croquettes), we were most excited to try out their Pizza Bianca. This was basically pizza dough baked with Grana Padano cheese, olive oil and parsley with marinara sauce on the side. More like a supplement to garlic bread, this one was crunchy, aromatic, and as they say, no one can have just one bite! We also learn from Shreya that the slow-fermented sourdough is hand stretched and never feels the weight of a rolling pin. Which is why the pizzas are seldom perfectly circular. 

For those who can't do without a salad - try their Roasted Grape and Almond Salad which is primarily roasted red grapes with almond slivers with seasonal greens, dressed in a grape juice reduction. Have we tempted you enough to head here already? Hold on as their pizzas are not to be missed. Chicken lovers, we highly recommend their Slow Cooked Chicken And Mushroom Pizza that was high on flavour, and disappeared from our plates in no time. Their White Pizza made us curious and so we tried their Mushroom, Goat Cheese Cream, Jalapeno & Rucola pizza. This might be a little bland for some but help yourself with their seasoning.

Have a meal here for INR 400. Yes, you read that right! They are budget too!


We are also super glad to learnt hat the restaurant is wheel chair accessible. Pets are allowed in the al fresco area. The menu is kid friendly and can be customised to accommodate dietary restrictions. 

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