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Not Just Idlis & Dosas: Try These Other Awesome Local Dishes In Chennai

When you think about a food trip to Chennai, you may just think about the tons of idli, dosa and uttapam  varieties you would eat {because, stereotype}. As much as we love these dishes there’s also plenty of other local delights that one cannot miss. So the next time you are flying {which should be soon} bookmark this recommendation because you have to try the other good stuff that this beautiful city has to offer.

We are talking about the famous breakfast staple and not the festival here. Pongal is either sweet or savoury and tbh we love both. But for breakfast, nothing beats a good serving of the savoury one {also known as venn pongal} with a dollop of ghee and spicy chutney. If you are on the hunt to find pongal in Chennai and without spending a bomb Rayar Mess is one option we swear by.

We’ve all had murukku the usual way, just like that with some tea or coffee. But have you tried something a little more offbeat? No, why would you? It is just so awesome on its own. But then you introduce this to the regular Bombay-style sandwiches where you replace the humble bread slices with murukku and you have bite-sized crunch bombs. Head to Sowcarpet for this and more.

A British take on rasam, this soup literally translates to pepper water. Made with coconut, carrots, apples and chicken, this is a kind of soup that warms the soul. The soup is generally served with some rice and is available at many street corners in Chennai.

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