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Zucchini Chips To Mock Meat, (Don’t) Say Cheese At The Best Vegan Restaurants In Chennai

Chennai’s Vegan scene is going strong now, and for various reasons (animal cruelty and health for the most part), we’re all looking for vegan options in restaurants. Here are Chennai’s best Vegan restaurants where you can skip the paneer and cheese and get healthier and yummier alternatives! 

Pumpkin Tales tops this list, and if you’ve gone through their menu, you would have seen their range of vegan options. Right from Bibimbap to bowl meals, you can get vegan food at the same price. They’ve got stir-fried veggies and a bunch of Thai and Vietnamese food with vegan alternatives. Their vegan chocolate cake is a winner.

Already famous for their vegetarian menu, Soul Garden Bistro is a great restaurant for vegan food. Since most of the food is vegetarian, it’s easy to customise it to make it vegan. Zucchini chips, tofu BBQ, and a range of vegan ice creams, Soul Garden Bistro should be on your list. 

This eatery in Besant Nagar has a bunch of dairy-free food, including 35+ kinds of milk-free teas. They’ve also got stuff like Avocado Hummus Toast, Vegan Pasta (yaaaas), Tender Coconut Pudding, and Chocolate Fondue.  

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