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OMG! We've Got The Biggest Gaming Café Right Here In The Heart Of The City


Calling all gamers, Arknemesis Gaming in Nungambakkam at Ispahani Centre offers PC and console games. Oh, and they also serve continental food. Count us in!

What Makes It Awesome

With the latest tech like 4K (for awesome graphics) and VR, enjoy your gaming experience from 11 am to 11 pm all through the week!  Based on the PCs you can choose to play in different zones. There’s Mega (Base INR 100 per hour) Ultra (Base INR 120 per hour) and Monster (Base INR 150 per hour). They have different price packages for a specific number of hours. They also have package deals where, for example, you can pay INR 300 and play at the Mega zone for four hours (instead of three).

If you can’t finish a game in the respective amount of time, don’t worry! The remaining time will be saved up in your account and you can come back anytime and play for the rest.This gaming lounge will have 68 high-end gaming PCs, four PS4 Pros, three snooker tables and 21 4K TVs. They’re coming up with around 20 PS4 games and 60 PC games for all kinds of gamers. Expect around 200 gamers (and non-gamers) to pack the place.

To make sure your games are not interrupted the PCs run on the best ASUS hardware and brands like Corsair, NVIDIA and Sony are also making sure this gaming café is truly top notch. It’s going to be 6500 square feet of pure awesome. And if all you want to do is chill, they also have a cafe that offers coffee, pasta, burgers, mocktails and more (surely all that gaming will make you work up an appetite). So drop by the lower ground floor at Ispahani and unleash the gamer in you. And if virtual games are not your thing, there’s always billiards.

What Could Be Better

Expect to have around 200 players packed within this space. But, hey, you'll make new friends!

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