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Explore Abandoned Forts And Iconic Temples & Spots With These Heritage Walks In Chennai

Chennai is an explosion of colours, flavours, and history. Right from the sambar and filter kaapi to pre-independence monuments and centuries-old temples, there's a lot to discover in namma Chennai. Do just that on these best heritage walks in Chennai. 

Explore the buzzing markets of Chennai in Georgetown, the go-to place for shopping and the best heritage walk trail. Get a taste of the mythology, history, and story of the lanes of Georgetown. After you tire yourself out, grab a bite to eat at one of the iconic Gujju hotels there. 

Discover folklore about South Beach, which is now called Marina beach. At this walk, you can explore the pre-independence architecture and buildings which are regarded masterpieces even today. Check out the oldest houses in Mylapore and get transported to an older time at this heritage walk. 

Explore the streets of Chetpet and spam your Instagram feed with pictures of the little stores and views by the Cooum River. This walk is usually conducted by novelists and journalists, so you can get all the deets about their history and how the area transformed over time. End the walk by feeding ducks and taking a walk by the lake at Chetpet Eco Park. 

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