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Warm & Cosy: Shop At The Best Winter Wear Stores In Chennai

When bae is too busy to cuddle, you need good winter clothing to stay warm. Check out these top winter wear stores in Chennai, to score cool thermals, jackets and sweaters and more. 

In addition to being a superstore for all your sports equipment, Decathlon wins in the winter wear department as well. Head to the trekking/mountaineering section to find the best jackets and thick trousers that will keep the cold at bay. The store also sells winter clothing which can be used in sub-zero temperatures. If you're planning to travel to a cooler country this winter, pick up their thermal socks, innerwear, hoodies and sweaters. Their range of gloves will also come in handy!

You could never go out of style when you pick up something from H&M. And that includes your winter wear as well. Find hoodies, large sweaters and jackets, which come with quirky logos and designs. Their cargo pants and trousers will keep you warm when you're out in the cold. You could also choose from a range of sweatshirts, Christmas-designed hoodies to keep your holiday spirit strong along with cute beanies, ponchos, jackets and more.

Located in T Nagar, Quality Thermals and Leather is an exclusive dealer for winter wear, woollen wear and leather accessories. Find a wide range of quality winter collection that could withstand sub-zero temperatures. If you're travelling to colder countries, you can check out their woollen jackets, gloves, sweaters, thermals, skull caps and even leather jackets with fur. The budget prices make the store all the more an attractive option. 
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