From Art To Abstract, This Instagram Artist Makes Crazy Resin Art And Sells Supplies For It Too

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Remember how we did marbling on paper using nail paints as a kid? Affshana, the founder of Art Stop on Instagram, takes it to the next level. It isn't normal nail paints anymore. She uses pour fluids and resins to bring out the trippiest patterns on to the medium. With a mix of normal acrylic paints, she creates abstract artwork with resin seals, which is her speciality. After the mix of striking colours, she decorates some of them with crystals and the shine of the end product with resin. If you haven't heard of fluid pour art, then google it up! 

    She also does sculpture painting, which basically is a sculpture within a painting. Confused? Well, you should check out her rose series which had 3D painted roses coming out of her earthy painted backgrounds. These flowers are made out clay and the backdrop is painted with fluid paints. Her store, The Art Stop sells the right supplies to make these kinds of artwork as well. Crystals, resins and pouring medium, you will find all of them here starting at INR 200.

    At the Art Stop, you can shop for fluid pour mists that are needed the right effect of colours. You could probably learn the swipe technique from her before going forward with the fluid pour mists on the plate. Above all, not only are these colours striking, but pouring them is equally pleasing to the eyes. Fair warning - resin art can be a little messy and a little difficult to get the right patterns. After all, not every mix is an art. You might require a pouring medium, and you can buy those from Art Stop as well. They also sell coloured crystals for decoration as well. Bright blues, glitzy greens and pearl white, they just add the perfect splash of colour to your artwork! 

    Don't forget to buy the resin that seals it up all and makes it the finished artwork that it is supposed to be.


    Affshana conducts various workshops across Chennai about fluid pour art, resin art and sculpture painting as well. It is messy, fun and can bring out the crazy artist out of you.

      Available Online