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Jimmiki Kamal To Tassel Earrings: Get Pretty Accessories For As Low As INR 100

Shruti posted on 23rd May

Ten-Second Takeaway

The Blush Box is a Chennai-based label that offers a range of pretty accessories, most notably earrings, across price ranges, that you’ll want to grab your hands on ASAP.

Ear To Ear

If you’re looking for ethnic or contemporary style earrings and other accessories to pair off with your favourite outfit, check out this online store, The Blush Box. We stumbled upon their Instagram handle and fell in love with these funky dangling Lotus hoops. We’re also eyeing this contemporary gold tassel beauty, for our next party. They have a range called The Basics where the price ranges between INR 100 and INR 550. For INR 100 you can get, smaller stud pieces in silver and stones and for INR 550 they have classic studs that you can flaunt at an evening cocktail party. They have fun, bright tassel earrings in this range too.

Flaunt It

If you like bolder or more traditional style accesories, they’ve got that too. There’s the Wedding range that offers jewellery between prices of INR 1,250 and INR 2,000. These include Meenakari jhumkas, hand painted jhumkas and temple jewellery. The Kunda/ Semiprecious Stone range includes elaborate neckpieces, maang tikka and earrings of course that go up to INR 5,000.

If you’re in Chennai, all you have to do is place an order online { their website is currently under construction but will be up and running in the first week of June} and you get your jewellery delivered in a day or two! So, which ones are you getting?

Find them on Instagram here.

The Blush Box

Jewellery Shops