Sit Under A 450-Year-Old Banyan Tree & Take A Stroll At One Of Chennai's Most Beautiful Campuses


    What Makes It Awesome

    A verdant wonderland, between the Bessy coast and Adyar, Theosophical Society with over 100 hectares of land, is possibly the most beautiful spot in the city! Founded by Helena Blavatsky to popularise theosophy, this place is also known as the Huddleston Gardens. Located bang in the middle of the city, this campus is home to a lot of migratory birds, snakes and other wildlife.

    One of the main attractions at the Theosophical Society is the 450-plus year-old Adyar Big Banyan Tree and its roots that have been measured to cover a radius of 60,000 square metres! It’s quite breathtaking, to be honest.  And that’s not all. Along with the society’s intention as being a premier institute for spirituality, the Adyar Library and Research Centre has today become one of the world’s foremost repositories of spiritual literature. The collection here includes Buddhist scrolls over a 1,000 years old and handmade Bibles from the 19th century.

    While this place has restricted opening hours ranging from 8 am to 10 am and 2 pm to 5 pm, don’t forget to visit the Buddhist Shrine and the Zoroastrian Temple when you head there. The latter, also known as a Fire Temple is known for its intricate sculpting and symbolism. 

    The Theosophical Society is open all days except for Sundays. Do visit to relax and connect with nature in a peaceful and vehicle-free space right in the city! You won't regret it.