This Online Brand Is Making Us Want To Switch To Natural Beauty Merch For Life!

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What Makes It Awesome

Love for nature and what it gives us is probably incomparable to the expensive chemical cosmetics you can find. An online label, Vriksha - Just Natural, sells skincare products made from naturally obtained ingredients. You will also find vegan products here. We not only love them for the organic process that goes into making the products but also how delicious their products smell. The rugged packaging further adds to the charm! 

Vriksha Just Natural store mainly specialises in handmade soaps. You can buy them in different carved shapes or just soap bars. They have special soaps with coloured gradients which help in tan removal, acne, hydration and moisturising. They use aloe vera, charcoal, almond milk too to give these soaps their look and feel. Our favourite are their customised baby soaps. Not only are they mild in nature but look super adorable. Shaped and carved like figurines of Daisy Duck, Mickey Mouse and Tom and Jerry, they are a collection to keep. Prices for these start at INR 100.

Vriksha Just Natural also makes their own body lotions, face masks and face creams. They come packaged in pocket-sized cylindrical boxes and are infused with refreshing essential oils. You can also find hair care products, such as shampoo and hair masks. We love their combo offers that even have a hair serum throw in starting at INR 600. Their hair oil with amla, bringaraj, sandalwood oil and sessile joy weed is an aromatherapy oil in itself, and we can't wait to try it. If you are in search for lip balms and scrubs, you can get those too here. 


They host soap and cosmetic making workshops every once in a while for which you can easily register.


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