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10 Cool Things From Dilli Haat You Can Get Delivered At Home!

    What if we told you that you can get all of Dilli Haat’s artsy loot from the comfort of your cosy room? We get it, it’s cold outside and getting out of bed is a task in itself and sometimes, all you want to do is just stay in bed and shop. So, we’ve put in the extra effort and gotten you some of the coolest products in Dilli Haat this season on LBB Specials.

    Now, aren’t we sweet?

    Block Printed Quilts

    Winter person or not, these reversible block-printed quilts will make this season so much better for you. Plus, you really can’t go wrong with the lovely Jaipuri pattern quilts.

    Price: INR 2,600 for two.

    Buy here.

    Woven Baskets

    As picnic bags or to carry your lunch to work, these woven baskets are great for errything! Buy these baskets and maybe, you’ll have a new excuse to get the whole family to go out for a picnic soon?

    Price: INR 400 each.

    Buy here.

    Black Stone Pottery Ashtrays

    Minimal and sturdy {unlike the plastic ones}, these Manipuri black stone ashtrays look classy and could just about sub as decor too.

    Price: INR 250.

    Buy here.

    Two-Drawer Jewellery Storage

    Aside from the fact that these drawers look oh-so pretty, they will keep all your earrings, pins and knick-knacks in one place, so you’ll never lose them again.

    Price: INR 350.

    Buy here.

    Leather-Bound Diary

    We like our diaries leather-bound and rustic, and if you’re anything like us, you probably already have five of these but for a true-blue stationery lover, there’s no such thing as too many diaries, right? Also, new year equals new diary, we think.

    Price: INR 450.

    Buy here.

    Hand Painted Door And Cupboard Knobs

    Do away with the boring old knobs, and jazz up your room with these quirky hand-painted ones. And isn’t beauty in the details after all?

    Price: INR 200 for a pair.

    Buy here.

    Woollen Chevron Throw

    What’s ‘Netflix and chill’ in winter without a soft blankie to make you feel all snug? Binge-watch series now with this perfect woollen throw that might make it very difficult for you to get out of bed.

    Price: INR 2,100.

    Buy here.

    Beige Embroidered Box Clutch

    Too many weddings lined up and don’t have a clutch to go with your outfit yet? This embroidered beige one is just the right amount of dressy and so very affordable.

    Price: INR 600.

    Buy here.