Check Out These Online Stores To Score Healthy Snacks From

Having three meals a day doesn’t suffice or provide our bodies with the fuel it requires to function properly. Snacking can help us add those extra vitamins, minerals and energy bites that can help in maintaining your physical and mental balance. While a packet of air fried potato chips sounds so good right now, it's not very healthy if you have it daily. So let's switch to some healthier alternatives.

Here are all the stores you can buy healthy snacks online from.


Snackexperts is a subscription-based health brand that offers three different smart plans/boxes of nutritious snacks. Each box is priced differently, and has a great number of products to select from. You can actually customise your snacking options and combine them all in one magic box that can last you a month or two. I have personally tried the ‘Smart Box’ and I love it.

Price: INR 120 onwards 

Healthy World

A store which is an alternative health and wellness destination, it hosts products from various health and wellness brands, and provides you with a variety of things to choose from. They have quite a few options for healthy breakfast cereals that you can check out. 

Price: INR 90 onwards 


Sattviko is a brand that adheres to the philosophy of sattvic food. Sattvic is derived from the word ‘Sattva’ which means ‘pure, vital, conscious, strong, true, honest, wise and clean’. They have packaged products and a few restaurants in other cities as well. They have some great options for baked wheat chips that are better than those unhealthy packet of chips we keep going back to. 

Price: INR 120 onwards 

Health Kart

It’s an online health and fitness store that caters to the needs of mostly everyone, delivering good health right to your doorstep. You can get your monthly supply of protein powders and other supplements from here. Oh, these guys also have gym accessories and essentials like dumbells, weights, yoga mats and more. So, for all those looking to built a mini gym at home, this is where you can get all your supplies from. 

Price: INR 200 onwards 

The Nibble Box

It is one simple solution to your daily hunt for a different and delicious snacks. They have a subscription-based model which offers a box per week; you can choose a monthly plan as per your needs, too. You will fall in love with their granola section, with so many delicious options to choose from. If you're someone who likes to create their own healthy bowl, they also sell ingredients like different nuts, seeds and fruits that you can buy. 

Price: INR 375 onwards 

True Elements

With options like Chilli Masala Pumpkin seeds and Roasted Pumpkin seeds Cheesy Onion, these guys sure make healthy snacking sound like a doable option. Their protein mixes and roasted seeds are loaded with essential nutrients and can be bought for INR 114. 

Price : Snacks are for INR 114

Nature’s Basket

Godrej Nature’s Basket is the retail venture of Godrej Group, and is India’s foremost retail destination for fine foods from across the world. Started in 2005 as a single fresh food store, they’ve have morphed into a 36-store chain of premium gourmet stores strategically located at high street locations in Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Price:They have a wide range of things, all priced differently. 


Tamarind Candy Pops, anyone? Go Desi has some really interesting options for snacking your way through the quarantine period. We're talking Banana Bites, Amla Candy, Dried Lemon Chaat and so on. You can get all these under INR 250. Go check them out.

Price: INR 250 onwards 


Snackible has the tastiest options when it comes to eating healthy snacks like cheese pesto peanuts, nacho cheese jowar puffs, manchurian popped chips and more. They also have cool stay at home and immunity boxes that which contain plenty of snacks within a box. 

Price: You can get their products under INR 599

To Be Honest Crunchies

All their snacks are made from 100% real vegetables and use 50% less oil as compared to other fried chips. Their range of chips come in many flavours like crunchy tomato with mint, herbed taro with with oregano and basil and so on. And all under INR 130! 

Price: You can get a pack of six chips for INR 560.