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We Found 10 Planners & Calendars To Help You Conquer 2018

Nitya posted on 08 January

Call us old-fashioned, but there’s just something super-special about jotting down your week’s plan on a piece of paper, and marking important dates on your personal calendar {with a pen of course} that no Evernote and Google Keep can ever match up to. If you’re anything like us, you’ll love these handy planners, calendars, organisers and to-do lists. Now, go make 2018 your most sorted year ever.


Leather Organisers By Nappa Dori

Why We Love Them: Clean and classy leather, lots of storage space and a great finish, what’s not to love? If you’re the artsy type, you’ll love their ikat organisers.

Price: Starting at INR 1,800.

Buy here

Planners By Crenulate

Why We Love Them: Crenulate does gorgeous diaries and planners that are hand bound by the visually impaired and carry the phrase – ‘Making 2018 memorable’ in Braille script. Proceeds from the purchase of these planners go to the Blind School, so there’s no better way to start the year than by lighting someone else’s life.

Price: Starting at INR 400.

Buy here.

Planners By PaperDesignCo.

Why We Love Them: Because they’ve got pretty planners with floral patterns that remind us of spring; and they’ve got so many colours, too.

Price: INR 780.

Buy here.

LBB Special Origin One To-Do-List

Why We Love Them: Origin One’s neat and clean to-do-lists will ensure that you never lose track of all your daily tasks, and there’s just some joy in manually checking off tasks, no?

Price: INR 700.

Buy here.

Planners By Creative Crazy

Why We Love Them: Creative Crazy’s got specific planners for all your needs, so if you’ve decided to start your own blog in 2018, this planner could be your saviour. Monthly budget planners, weekly planners, get fit planners or even party planners, this website’s got it all.

Price: Starting at INR 195.

Buy here.


Weekly Planners By PropShop 24

Why We Love Them: Record all your weekly to-dos, email and call reminders on PropShop’s fuss-free planner pads, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love writing on these pretty black and pastel-coloured papers.

Price: Starting at INR 299.

Buy here and check this one too.

Leather-Bound Organiser By Hipsters

Why We Love Them: This Hipsters organiser has got everything from a zip lock bag {to store all your cash and tickets} to two detachable notebooks you can easily replace once you run out of sheets. How useful is that?

Price: INR 1,099.

Buy here.

To-Do-List & Remiders By PropShop 24

Why We Love Them: Because these bill reminders and to-do-list sheets have cool, hand-drawn doodles on them!

Price: INR 200.

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Calendar By Letternote

Why We Love Them: Because, with every passing month, you can learn beautiful new words like ‘sturmfrei’ which means the freedom of being alone or ‘rame’ which translates to something that’s both chaotic and joyful at the same time.

Price: INR 500.

Buy here.

Diet Planner On Amazon

Why We Love Them: If getting fit is your new year’s resolution for 2018, this planner will best help you track your meals and fitness regime for 365 days. ‘Plan, prep, eat and repeat’ all the way to your fab bod this year; and start right now!

Price: INR 449.

Buy here.