They are not as formal as trousers, but aren’t as casual as a pair of shorts, either. Meet culottes; your gateway to chic but comfortable dressing. Dress these cropped pants up with a blazer or a pair of heels for a semi-formal look, or keep ’em casual with flats and a tee. We are pairing them with our favourite white kicks; what will you wear them with?

Flare Shorts

Brand: Bhane

Price: INR 1,900

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Multicoloured Printed Silk Blend Culottes

Brand: Global Desi

Price: INR 1,699

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Tercel Blend Culottes

Brand: Next

Price: INR 3,590

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Yellow Printed Culottes

Brand: Aboli

Price: INR 389

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Rust Brown Culottes

Brand: Mast & Harbour

Price: INR 909

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Easy Culottes in Polka

Brand: Nicobar

Price: INR 2,600

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Ink Culottes

Brand: Jodi

Price: INR 2,899

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Batik Denim Culottes

Brand: Bodice

Price: INR 11, 824

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Pleated cropped Wide Legged Pants

Brand: EVAH

Price: INR 1,499

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Tie Waist Culottes

Brand: Warehouse

Price: INR 4,200

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