12 Unique Kalire Designs You Need To Check Out

ShaadiSaga posted on 04 January

It’s often said that a kalira is traditionally supposed to be gifted by the bride’s girlfriends and maternal relatives, and is then tied onto the bride’s bangles. However, in my situation, being the Gen X bride I was, I went to buy my own.

Now, you might think that buying kalire is no big deal. Just go to the market, select one of the five designs, get it packed and you’re done. Well, I wish it was that easy. There were so many options that I just didn’t know what to do. Kalires made of silver, metal, dry fruits, coconuts, shells, tassels, pink roses, feathers, {the list has just started}, moonstones, pom-poms and what not.

To help you not be the damsel in distress, I’ve compiled a few of my favourite kaliras worn by real brides.

This post originally appeared on Shaadi Saga.