Say goodbye to those selfie sticks, we have something way more exciting. Dream of a miniature replica of you {think happy meal toy size}. Yes, this is for real. Solidry takes 3D printing to a whole new level of customisation and provides you with little figures of yourself.

Started by two friends Pranav Prakash and Shantanu Raghav, Solidry was pretty much a concept born overnight when one of their figures broke, causing much heartbreak. The two engineers vowed to do something about it. What resulted was a 3D printing machine they built themselves.

The process {though complex technically} is fairly simple for you. Book an appointment with the guys at Solidry, show up and get yourself a 3D scan. This takes about 1 and half minutes; you have to stand atop a rotating table and remain very still while the scanners work their magic. Once this is done, choose the size you want {3, 4 or 5 inches} and the material and you’re all set.

The next steps involve colour correction and the actual printing– your figure is ready to stand tall {err short} on your mantelpiece in about a week. The models are precise and even capture minute details such as the writing on your clothes, your watch etc. They are also starting with bobble-heads if you prefer a cute, animated version of yourself.  They ship it to your place for free if you’re in India. International shipping charges apply.

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Notes in our Little Black Book |

Solidry is a 3D printing studio based out of Shahpur Jat. They print figures of your choice in many colours and materials and also do mini versions of you. If you choose plastic for your selfie 3D figure, it will only come out in one single colour so we suggest you go for sandstone. LBB tip: They’re very open to customising to any extent. You can even pose with your SO, your friend or your mother on the table to capture the moment. If you have a pet who has the ability to stay still, they’re all for it.

Where: Solidry, 11A, DDA Flats, Shahpur Jat

Price: Starting at INR 2499

Contact: +91-880516990, +91-9717246183


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