There is so much we love about Delhi—the food, the heritage, the winter {the list could just go on}, along with the various new things we keep finding to love about it every day. Here are four web series that celebrate Delhi as it is you need to watch right now.


Touted as India’s most ambitious original fiction web-series, Baked follows the lives of three university flatmates who decide to start their own venture {a midnight food-delivery service}. The series takes us through their misadventures as they struggle to find a balance between running a business and managing student life, and how they always manage to land themselves into trouble while doing so.

The characters portrayed are relatable, and the story is pretty engaging, too.

Watch it here.

Shaadi Boys

There is no shortage of Bollywood junkies in Delhi, and the lead characters in Shaadi Boys, Neil, Nitin & Mukesh, are portrayed as the same. Failing at making a mark in Mumbai, the boys chance upon the perfect platform for them to get rich, get noticed and get chicks {classic Delhi boys, right?}. The platform is none other than the big fat Indian wedding, and the series explores their lives and how they go about doing what they do best {or at least what they think they do best}.

Watch it here.


Obsessed with the reality TV show Roadies, Banto Sodhi, while on his deathbed, leaves his wife a task of finding the perfect Roadie in the family. This obsession turns the Sodhis into Soadies, and thus starts the endless search of the perfect candidate. And the family isn’t quite like you’d imagine them to be; Santo has a son who raps in anger {our very own Baba Sehgal}, a grandson who is a dunce and granddaughter who resents Roadies.

Taking us through the lives of the Soadies, this series is a laughter riot, and Baba Sehgal, as always, shines out throughout.

Watch it here.

Life Sahi Hai

Much like Pyaar Ka Punchnama {a movie almost every Delhi guy relates to in some way}, Life Sahi Hai revolves around the lives of four friends who shift to Delhi and start living together. These guys {very relatable Delhi characters} have their fair share of fun and problems, be it with their bosses, their better halves {or so they think} or themselves.

A great series that all guys would definitely love, it shows the characters getting used to their newfound freedom {which, as they soon realise, isn’t really free}.

Watch it here.

Featured photo source: Life Sahi Hai