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5 Stays In Alibagh That Make For A Great Getaway

Mary posted on 30 November

Planning your end of the year vacay is super important, and planning one in Goa, even more so. We're here to recommend something lesser-known, especially if you're looking for some peace and quiet.

Say hello to 2017 in Alibagh; one of the most stunning coastal towns in Mumbai. After all, no New Year's party is complete without some celebration on a beach, right?

Mati Moksha I 

301116_mati-moksha-iIf year-end trips for you are all about an escape from mundane city life and in the company of close friends and family, this place is the right fit for you.

Home to a clay artist, you can feel all your stress and worries melting away the moment you reach here. The Kihim beach is nearby, too.

Price: INR 7,500

Type Of StayBed & Breakfast

Can Accommodate: Three guests

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Banyan Grove - Awas

301116_banyan-grove-awasIf the chaos of the year has proved too much for you, you will appreciate some silence in this luxurious three-bedroom contemporary villa.

With a beautiful pool, lawn-facing verandah and suspended balconies nestled in trees, you couldn't have asked for a better place to disconnect from the rest of the world. 

Price: INR 50,000

Type Of StayHouse

Can Accommodate: Six guests

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Kapadia Bunglow

301116_kapadia2A dip in the pool or just lazing around reading a book? You can have both at this private villa where nature is truly at its scenic best. Offering three bedrooms, there’s two separate bathrooms making it ideal for a group of 10 people. 

So if you're looking to catch up on your new and old friends {before another year passes you by}, we cannot think of a better spot for a reunion. 

Price: INR 48,000

Type Of StayVilla

Can Accommodate: 10 guests

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Luxury Holiday Farmhouse

301116_luxury-farm-houseGet ready to usher in the New Year in the most relaxed and laid-back manner. Far removed from the chaos of city life, what makes this place unique is that it feels like a home away from home. Divided into three air-conditioned cottages, the place wins extra brownie points for its 12.5 metre infinity pool with a view over the valley, the Revdanda bridge and the sea beyond it.

Since it’s quite far away from the mainland, you might end up spending a lot of your time indoors. But don't worry—with more than 300 books, games, satellite TV, a Sony PS3, DVD's and an open kitchen and barbecue, you will run out of time, but not things to do. 

Price: INR 42,500

Type Of StayVilla

Can Accommodate: 10 guests

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Luxury Holiday Villa

301116_luxury-villaA perfect getaway for a family or couple looking for a relaxing and quiet New Year’s celebration, this property is the perfect amalgamation between modern facilities and nature. Simple, homely and with a kitchen to freely use, this is indeed the perfect recipe for an end of the year celebration.

Price: INR 24,000

Type Of StayVilla

Can Accommodate: 6 guests

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