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5 Cult Classics You Must Watch This February

Anushka posted on 13th February

Are you in the Netflix but no chill zone? Or getting bored seeing this month full of cheesy, romantic statuses and couple pictures? We know how that can get, so don’t get stuck in the mundane and check out these five cult classics that will get you lit this season.

Mad Men

Okay, c’mon, we had to start with that. Whether Don Draper is drinking whisky in a fitted suit {he earns plus points for that one} or the suave dialogues, fascinating characters, evolving social dynamics - this award winning series is an intriguing portrayal of an era charged with drama, complexities and soaring ambition.

Raging Bull

A Martin Scorsese directed movie, with a powerhouse performance by Robert de Niro as Jake La Motta {we know these names have got you hooked already!}, this tantalising portrayal of a volatile boxer gets you all pumped up to get in the ring yourself.

Watch this classic masterpiece that showcases character like a phoenix, that rise, falls, burns into flames and consistently reinvents himself. With stellar performances by the cast, be prepared for rollercoaster emotions and heartbreaking scenes.

#DidYouKnow: When the film was due to premiere, Scorsese was still uncertain with the final sound mix and producer Irwin Winkler gave him a stern deadline to cease work at midnight and that would be it. Till the last hour, Scorsese was fixated on the dialogue —“Cutty Sark, please”— which he believed was inaudible. Winkler instructed him to share the movie anyway and Scorsese declared that if the film was released this way, he would take his name off it as director, because it didn't reflect his vision. Winkler refused to bow down, knowing like all good producers, that an overtired director would throw a tantrum. Sure enough, Scorsese recanted sometime later.


A truly modern classic, this movie combines all our favourite drama elements - gangsters, crime, paranoia and distrust. A combination of breathtaking images, incredible dialogues and superb performances that imprint themselves in your memory for years to come.

Based on the memoirs of Henry Hill, this is one insightful must-watch movie at any age.

The Sopranos

This series blends intelligence, exquisite writing and amazing performances. Each episode is a dynamic 40 minute sequence, with enigmatic visuals, powerful symbolism and violence and imagery that provokes a flux of thoughts and emotions.

Boardwalk Empire

Again a Martin Scorsese product, this show is an excellent period production of the 1920s. Follow an Atlantic City politician on a journey into the underbelly of the city with a stunningly detailed depiction of prohibition, corruption, sexism and violence. This show is intricately layered with well defined characters, dark visuals and a melodious background score that complements each scene.

#LBBTip:  Go one step ahead and feel like a part of each classic with a glass of Cutty Sark whisky. After all, each of these bad boys enjoyed Cutty Sark in the pictured scenes, so why stay far behind? A smooth, interesting blend, you’ll definitely end up channeling the iconic feels that these films and shows inspire.

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