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5 Dishes That Will Put You In A Food Coma At Public Affair

Aditi posted on 19 July

Public Affair has come up with a mouth-watering new menu, bringing tough competition to the game! Their new menu is bursting with flavours; each of the 30 dishes is prepared with absolute finesse. {Try and take those Instagram-worthy pictures quickly & eat the food while it’s hot!}

Margherita 2.0

The all-time-classic and everyone’s weakness, Margherita gets a special spin with fresh Italian Burrata cheese. If the cheese wasn’t enough to take you to food heaven, it is topped with Rucola, sea salt toasted seeds and dehydrated olives. {Heads up! You might want to finish it all by yourself}.

Colour Me Healthy!

The Quinoa Salad calls out to every health-conscious human being out there! Black, red and white varieties of Quinoa come together perfectly with {are you ready?} Edamame beans, seasonal mango or strawberries, baby spinach, charred corn, {*heavy breathing*} sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, finished with goat cheese and baby herbs.  If that doesn’t sound healthy enough to you, it is also dressed with extra virgin olive oil, lemon, and honey! {how’s that for a bowl full of nutrients?}

Chilli Chicken With A Smoky Twist

The Chefs at Public Affair do not shy away from experiments and taking it up a notch. Their Smoked Hoisin Chilli Chicken Wings is a pleasant surprise – both for your eyes and soul. The word on the block is that it took them almost a year to conceptualise this dish {perfection, right?} and it definitely does not disappoint. Kudos to the team!

Basket Full Of Flavours

The Crab Wonton Basket with Lychee is packed with explosive flavours of shallots, fish sauce and lime with fresh herbs, scallions and chilli. The sweet and refreshing pairing with lychee just adds to the lip-smacking flavours of this beautiful dish.

For A Very Happy Belly!

This gorgeous masterpiece takes over 18 hours to transform into probably one of the best Belgian Pork Belly you would try in the city. Succulent and perfectly cooked – it’s definitely a must try! You can even choose your own sauce from their selected options.

Trio For The Win!

The Sashimi Trio is an interesting pairing of salmon, tuna and yellowtail fish, served with a hot drizzle of sesame oil on scallion and ginger on top. An absolute love-at-first-sight, this trio is definitely a party for your palate!

Check out these dishes and more & know all about Public Affair here.

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Make sure you go there with an empty stomach because you’ll probably find yourself wanting to try everything on the menu!

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