5 Easy Ways You Can Travel With Little Or No Money

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer – Anonymous

Though in this case, we are making you richer without having to buy a lot. If you wake up with a constant yearning to feel the fresh mountain air or witness sunset by the sea, yet your pocket doesn’t allow for a vacation, we feel you.

But like true Indians, we’ve found you a loophole {or in fact, a list of loopholes}. There are few ways, through which you can travel for less and if you are a JetPrivilege member, then you can actually win free award flights as well! Excited? So are we.

Earn Your Way to Free Award Flights With JetPrivilege

As you go about your daily lives, eating out in a restaurantshopping for bae or writing reviews online, you can collect JPMiles on all these activities. Earning JPMiles with the JetPrivilege programme is not a big deal anymore. There are so many easy ways to do it, that it will leave you wondering why you haven’t done this yet. This programme has partnered with more than 30 airlines to let you earn JPMiles every time you fly with any of these. But the best part is, even if you aren’t a frequent flyer, JetPrivilege has got you covered. The programme has also partnered with 120+ non-air partners with which you can also earn JPMiles. And these partners are your regular go-to shopping websites, food-date spots, nearby resorts and hotels, and popular banks that offer you co-brand credit cards to double up your JPMiles earning opportunities. With redemption as low as 5000 JPMiles for domestic flights and 6000 JPMiles for international flights, you can soon enough redeem your not-so-hard-earned JPMiles to book almost a free flight ticket. Just don’t forget to quote your JetPrivilege membership number when transacting, and the JPMiles will automatically be added to your account. Too good to be true!

Become A WWOOFer

World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms – quite the mouthful. Well, if you are the kind of traveller who doesn’t mind getting your hands dirty {literally}, this is a great way to escape the city. How does it work? It’s like a classified ad for farm owners who want help on their farms. You can choose to apply for the kind of work you will be interested in – from sowing seeds to herding animals. WWOOF India has 240 hosts spread across 16 states in India. Not only is this a great travelling opportunity but also a singular learning experience.

Couch Surfing

Couch surfing is essentially a social media platform that connects global travellers. As the name suggest, once you join the community, you can request for a couch or a mattress at a host’s place. It operates in over 200,000 cities across the globe; hence you are very likely to find a host at a destination of your choice. This is a great way to meet travellers across the world with a local host at your side. You can explore even less mainstream bits of the place. Sounds awesome, right?

Become A Travel Writer

This is actually the coolest job one can have. Sure, this isn’t the easiest of ways to travel because, well, you need to have a knack for writing and then have a good following of people who read you on a regular basis. But, once you do become a known travel writer, life will never be the same. You will spend your days travelling and reviewing properties across the globe, all at no cost. You can start from the bottom at a travelling magazine and make your way up. Like any other career, this will take time but it will also make a lot of friends jealous and you will have a jaw-dropping Instagram account at the end of it. Sounds like a win-win. Make your travel even more rewarding by writing a review of the destinations you visited on TripAdvisor (JetPrivilege’s programme partner) and earn up to 1,525 JPMiles.

Volunteer With Workaway

Workaway offers volunteer opportunities to travellers looking to help those in need, in exchange for food and accommodation. All you have to do in return is lend your skills to various communities in need. But that’s not all, you can also opt for something you’d never do and pick up new work. With over 1,000 hosts spread across 155 countries across the world, this may be the best opportunity for you to pack your bags. Interested?

So, now that you can afford a vacation {you are welcome}, it’s time to put your shoes on and head out.

This story is in partnership with JetPrivilege.