5 Instagram-Worthy Dessert Spots In The City That You Must Check Out

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Desserts are bae and most of us can’t get enough of the ones that are an absolute treat to both our taste buds and our eyes. Right? So, armed with the latest TECNO Canon I smartphone, we checked out 5 spots in the city for amazing desserts and beautiful pictures.

The Big Chill Cakery

Known for its very chic decor & Parisian vibe, The Big Chill Cakery has managed to win hearts with their cakes that are served in slices. The texture is soft, filled with flavours and super light. Their chocolate mousse cake, hazelnut cheesecake, chocolate cupcake & a cup of their warm coffee will make your evening perfect.

Cafe Tesu

The quirky walls, artsy decor and beautiful chandeliers give Cafe Tesu a very European Cafe kinda feel which makes us want to capture it all. They have a dedicated tea & coffee menu that make your snacks & pastries taste 10x better. The dark chocolate Raspberry Melange is the show-stopper & deserves all your attention both physically & digitally

Funnel Hill Creamery

Dressed up in pretty lights and wooden decor, Funnel Hill Creamery are doing some crazy, artisanal ice creams, waffles & freakshakes. Their unique black ice cream cone and the Cookie Monster ice-cream brings out the Insta-obsessed millennial in us and we kinda love it!


Perch with its brick walls, minimal wooden furniture, potted plants & amazing wine menu has already left us awestruck. A glass of white wine along with the lip-smacking raspberry cream cheesecake will transport you to lala land instantly. Do capture before it’s too late.


If you are in mood to indulge into something Middle-eastern, Kunafa is where you’ll find it along with few Turkish delicacies. The cafe has a very Arabian vibe and the Kunafa is soul-warming, made with natural ingredients & sweeteners, every bite is a roller coaster of fresh flavours. So capture before it disappears {in to your tummy}.

So, We're Saying...

While you go tasting these desserts in town, it’s of utmost importance to update your Instagram for some envious hearts. And the best way to do this? Whether you are making the rounds during the day or night, the latest Camon i from TECNO helps capture Instagram-worthy pictures in every light. Powered with a 13 MP camera, the photos from the phone will definitely have everyone giving them a second look.

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