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5 Killer Experiences In India That Are Better Than Taking A Trip Abroad

    A wildlife safari in Africa, skiing in the Swiss Alps or partying at Tomorrowland all sound great, sure, but if you’re looking for amazing destinations that are closer home {and way cheaper} look no further than these.

    Skiing In Gulmarg

    You may not get a chance to enjoy skiing in the Swiss Alps, but you can take on the challenge at Gulmarg in J&K. The snowcapped mountains topped with cable cars, snowboarding options, and even gondola rides; this destination is our own Switzerland.

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    Tracking Tigers In The Sundarbans

    Wildlife in Africa can wait because the Royal Bengal Tiger in all its majestic glory demands a visit. Sundarbans, a UNESCO world heritage site, is lush, dense and absolutely beautiful. Go here to spot your first tiger in the wild.

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    Explore The Thar Desert On A Camel

    Before you head to the arid Sahara, spend a night under a sky full of stars in the Thar desert. The most fun part? Exploring this vast desert on the back of a camel, of course.

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    Party Outdoors In The Ziro Valley

    You and your squad going to Tomorrowland? Turn your attention to the Ziro music festival in Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh {also a stunning world heritage site}. Hosted by the Apatani people, the festival is always held outdoors and hosts a bunch of awesome Indie artists.

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    Scuba Dive At Havelock Island

    We see your Madagascar and raise you our Havelock. No, really! If your travel plans don’t include Goa, but do include beach therapy, with clear blue water and white sandy beaches, Havelock in Andaman is our pick. You can even do a scuba diving course here, and come back a certified instructor!

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