Are You A Seafood Addict? You've Gotta Try These 5 Places Serving The Best In Gurgaon

Parul posted on 16 November

Fish and seafood tend to be fresher in the winter months and our appetites are definitely better so we made a list of five restaurants where you can go binge on seafood dishes that aren’t the usual fish curry and prawn fry!

Whisky Samba

With a bar that’s Instagram worthy to look at and every dram lover’s dream, the menu at Whisky Samba is paired perfectly with the tipples on the menu. Bite into the Spanish inspired Chilli Garlic Plancha Prawns or the classic Charred Scallops, for lovers of Italian food there’s the Seafood Risotto and for Asian food lovers the Sole Fish and Chips where the apple vinegar for the chips is house made. They also have pub classics like Crispy Fish and Tartar slider, Salmon in Lime Dill and Fennel, Chilli Charred Salmon with Zaatar Rub and if you’re feeling super fancy, order the Sesame Seared Tuna Pizza, Caviar on Toast or Salmon Carpaccio.

Casual Dining

Two Horizon Center, Plaza Level, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon


Skip everything and do a very unique seafood binge with Parsi food at SodaBottle, the Paatra Ni Macchi is fish steamed in a banana leaf and it’s completely different from other cuisines use the same technique. Also try the Kolmi Fry, basically flat pan-fried prawn kebabs that go very well with cocktails and so does the Tareli Macchi. If you want to make a meal then the Prawn Patio and Parsi Style Jumbo Prawns are must haves.

Casual Dining

DLF Cyber City, Ground Floor, DLF Phase 2, Sector 24, Gurgaon

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Bijoli Grill

Mochar Ilish, Bhapa Ilish and six types more, then we come to Hilsa which starts with Smoked Hilsa and has another half a dozen variations on the menu, Topsher Cutlet or Mango Fish, Calcutta Fish Fry with Bhetki and about 5 more dishes dedicated to this fish. When it comes to prawns don’t miss the Kakra Chingri Bhapa which is crab meat and chopped shrimp marinated in mustard and chillies. In main course choose from carp, butterfish, bhetki, ilish and whole pomfret.

Fast Food Restaurants

Good Earth City Center Mall, Shop 156/143, Sector 50, Gurgaon

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Though they don’t offer a sit-down meal, even delivery will do when it comes to delicious coastal food. Prawn Pepper Fry, Fish Cutlets for starters, main course don’t miss the Pollichathu which is fish steamed in banana leaf and you can choose from Pearlspot, Mackeral, Seerfish and Prawns, for curries there’s Roast Surmai or Prawns which are onion based gravies or Shaapu Meen Curry for those of you who like it hot, as in chilli hot, the Allepey Fish Curry is hot too but more fragrant with loads of coconut milk and then there is the Prawn Mango Curry that completes the seafood binge.

Delivery Services

Shop 3 & 6, 786 Complex, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon