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5 Great Talks for Children’s Literature at Jaipur Lit Fest 2016

    We know that you already have talks chalked out that you want to attend. And so do we. We also have a pretty awesome line-up of people talking about children’s literature this year, so don’t miss these! And in case you couldn't make it, check out the live webcast here!

    Writing for Children, Writing as Children

    jerryImage Courtesy: Shadow dancing with mind

    Nandana Dev Sen, Jerry Pinto, Paro Anand in conversation with Nayanika Mahtani

    Writing for young readers involves reconnecting with the child within at several levels. Children’s literature is often harder, because lots of complex ideas have to be conveyed simply. Listen to Nandana Dev Sen, Jerry Pinto and Paro Anand share personal anecdotes and experiences in their creative journey of writing as and for children with Nayanika Mahtani.

    Where: Ford Samvad

    When: 21 January, 3.45pm onwards

    Mirror World

    corneliaImage Courtesy: Lytherus

    Cornelia Funke in conversation with Anushka Ravishankar

    International bestselling writer for children, Cornelia Funke, who has written the Inkheart trilogy will be speaking with Anushka Ravishankar, an acclaimed writer and publisher herself. She will talk about literature that transports us across dimensions and parallel worlds to a magical realm of treasures and dark secrets, nightmares and awakenings.

    Where: Ford Samvad

    When: 22 January, 11.10am onwards

    Discovering Ancient Board Games

    Irving-Finkel-007Image Courtesy: The Guardian

    Irving Finkel

    We all get pretty excited when it comes to board games, so we recommend taking your kids along for this one. The spirit of games and of play is the essence of creativity. In this cool session, historian Irving Finkel leads us through the popular games played centuries long ago.

    Where: Ford Samvad

    When: 24 January, 12.25pm onwards

    The Gita Is for Children? Really?

    roopaImage Courtesy: Authortv

    Roopa Pai

    Having rewritten the Gita for children, Roopa Pai will discuss the Bhagavad Gita and its essential values. Roopa Pai is the author of Taranauts and the bestselling The Gita: For Children. In a spirited, free-wheeling session, she brings alive the essence of tradition for young audiences.

    Where: Ford Samvad

    When: 25 January, 10am onwards

    The Sherlock Holmes Connection

    anoushkaImage Courtesy: Authortv

    Anushka Ravishankar

    Anushka Ravishankar is the author of award-winning books that have been translated into several languages. She takes us to the world of whodunnits, and we feel that teenagers or even young-adults will enjoy the Sherlock Holmes Connection in stories spanning almost a century. If you like a mystery to solve, then this could be great for you!

    Where: Ford Samvad

    When: 25 January, 12.25pm onwards

    Feature Image Courtesy: Woodpie