The week has been long and work has been hard. So here we are, sending trip vibes {yes, that’s a thing} towards you with a must-do trek-list for this winter. So clear your schedule and get those 4x4s ready!

Kuari Pass

Winter Treks

Image courtesy Trek the Himalayas

A snowy trek that has us all drooling rainbows, Kuari Pass is one of the prettiest Himalayan regions that’s accessible during the winters. After its first bout of snow at the end of December, it is we recommend you pack your stuff and brave the ranges. The trail has different views from different spots, so make sure you go enough of the way to experience it all.

Nearest Station: Dehradun

Trail: Tali Top to Kuari Pass

Time Taken: 33 kms over 5 days

Distance from Delhi: 235 kms to Haridwar

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Winter Treks

Image courtesy Himalaya & Trekking

Brahmatal is one of those rare winter treks that has just the right amount of snow. The lake, ensconced within the toes of the great mounts, freezes and provides close access to the peaks at around 7,000 ft. A drive to Lohajung from Kathgodam {via train from Delhi} will bring you to a four-day trek. You will find a trail full of rhododendron trees, bridges and a panoramic view of the Himalayas.

Nearest Station: Kathgodam

Trail: Lohajung—Bekaltal—Brahmatal—Daldum—Lohanjung

Time Taken: 18 kms over 4 days

Distance from Delhi: 285 kms

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Winter Treks

Just an eight-hour drive from Delhi, Chakrata is best enjoyed during the winters in all its natural beauty. It’s relatively unexplored, and as a hill station has all the joys of dense forests and magnificent vieww. Rhodo trees dot the slopes and this area is perfect for some skiing and trekking. This trek is to Tiger Falls, which is the second-highest waterfall in the country logging in at 312 ft. You’ll catch glimpses of Banderpoonch Massif, the Sarga and Rohini peaks.

Nearest Station: Dehradun

Trail: Chakrata to Tiger Falls

Time Taken: 5 kms over 1 day

Distance from Delhi: 311 kms


Winter Treks

Image courtesy Trek Mates India

Before the trek even begins, it’s the drive to Kedarkantha that will win your heart with pit stops at Mussoorie, Nowgaon, Purola, Mori and Naitwar. This trek has the cutest campsites {Juda-ka-Talab and Kedarkantha base} in the midst of evergreen pine trees. The paved pathways are a dream and you’ll see shepherds, mountain farms and dilapidated huts along the way. It gets windy, so pack warm clothes.

Nearest Station: Dehradun

Trail: Sankri—Juda-ka-Talab—Kedarkantha base—Peak—Hargaon—Sankri

Time Taken:  20 kms over 4 days

Distance from Delhi: 400 kms to Sankri

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Chandrashila Trek

Winter Treks

The best option for a long weekend getaway, Chadrashila is home to the highest Shiva Temple at Tunganath. The trek begins at Chopta, sometimes called mini-Switzerland {we agree}. The views and amazing weather during winter are enough to get you out of Delhi for a bit. Open blue skies and pink-red rhodo flowers await you. May we suggest: Best date ever?

Nearest Station: Haridwar

Trail: Chopta to Tunganath

Time Taken: 3 kms over 1 day

Distance from Delhi: 400 kms to Kund

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Lamayuru to Kongski La Base

Winter Treks

Image courtesy India Hikes

Want a fairytale that involves lots of snow? This can be your answer. This is a wild adventure across a massive ice river and is a short trek that has gained a lot of popularity recently. It takes you past some of the ancient monasteries of Ladakh and starts at Lamayuru {a five-hour drive from Leh}. We recommend that you stay a day in Leh to get acclimatised. We promise you some scenic, secluded villages and steep, long descents, but the hero of this story is definitely the river walk.

Nearest Station: Udhampur

Trail: Lamayuru—Wanla—Hinju—Kongski La Base—Leh

Time Taken: 26 kms over 3 days

Distance from Delhi: 1,250 kms

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Biharinath Hill

Winter Treks

Image courtesy Weekend Destinations 

Winter in Bengal is one of the most pleasant weathers to trek in, when the ambient temperature is comfortably low without any drastic extremes. Biharinath Hills is for those who love the countryside, greenery and the rustic agrarian culture. Tribal villages are distributed throughout with dots of palash and shimul flowers. There is a low incline and you won’t see much of the mountains but on the flip side, you don’t need to pack too much equipment. See you there in December?

Nearest Station: Raniganj

Trail:  Shiva Temple, Raniganj— Biharinath—Raniganj

Time Taken: 7 kms over 2 days

Distance from Delhi: 1,280 kms

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Winter Treks

One of the most pretty Himalayan treks, this really hits the spot during winters. You’ll catch a glimpse of the Kanchenjunga peaks, Kumbhakarna and Mount Padim, along with the Annapurna range. Though you can travel here to trek during any season, in winter you get a clearer view and an unbeatable sunrise to go along with it. Rocky terrain and green meadows provide a stark diversity that will calm your mind.

Nearest Station: New Jalpaiguri

Trail: Maneybhanjan—Tumling—Kalipokhri—Sandakphu

Time Taken: 31 kms over 3 days

Distance from Delhi: 1,570 kms

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Feature image courtesy Vidur Mayor