5 Websites To Buy Graphic Novels From

As we’ve mentioned previously, we’re big fans of graphic novels. However finding the exact one you want in a bookstore in Delhi is either all about luck, or nigh on impossible. So what other way can you buy them if you don’t put boots on the ground? Why, online of course!

Check out these websites that make shopping for comics easier than ever before.

Forbidden Planet

A really enjoyable website to browse, Forbidden Planet is the UK’s addition to our list. Get everything from DC and Marvel to the latest Japanese manga, plus video games, DVDs and collectibles online. They accept international orders, so you can either buy digital copies online, or get them delivered to your doorstep {prices are in pounds}.

Shop online here.


The international, and Indian, website and app from Amazon have a large selection of graphic novels and comics. While not as extensive as certain comic-devoted websites, Amazon does provide a solid selection and usually has all big name and classic graphic novels. In fact, you are likely to get a bunch of discount deals on Amazon you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Still one of the best sources for your graphic novel fix.

Shop online here.


Bought over by Amazon, Comixology is the perfect marketplace if you’re looking to go paperless. With a massive selection of over 50,000 comics, across every major publisher, the website has comics for Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows making it not just a great site, but a perfect app to have on your devices. A US-based company, payment will be in dollars.

When shopping you can log in with your Amazon account to make the final checkout easier.

Shop online here.

Entertainment Earth

Primarily a site for collectibles, action figures and knick-knacks, Entertainment Earth has a small section for graphic novels and a small section for comic books. What the lack in quantity they make up for in diversity. Browsing through this selection we might not have found the books we were initially looking for, but by the end of it we wanted to buy three comics we’d never heard of.

Shop online here.


Just like Amazon, eBay is a great non-comic dedicated portal to go browsing through. However, you’re likely to find a series of smaller publishing houses and comic series that you probably wouldn’t find on an Amazon. It is also easier to find out-of-print and rare comics; ones you won’t find on most of these other sites {who sell primarily new prints}.

Shop online here.