Sometimes, it’s hard to stay in touch with everyday life and focus on what you really want to achieve with your mind and your body at the same time. We looked for spaces where- without meaning to use cliches- we can take time off from the pace of city life, and focus on relaxing and rejuvenating ourselves ; Extricate our thoughts and figures from the excess food, stress and toxins in our bodies.

If you didn’t travel last December, now’s the time to cash in on that pending leave and take off to one of these awesome places – exercise, unwind, eat right and just… breathe.  If you did travel last December, well… the new year brings with it a whole new leave quota!

From the hills up north, to the beaches down south, here are LBBD’s top 5 detox destinations in India.

Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort, Kerala


The world’s first Ayurveda resort,  look forward to 15 acres of greenery on a hillock, 9 km south of Kovalam Beach. Also known as the Ayurveda people, they’ve been into traditional ayurvedic treatment for more that 20 years.

Go here if | you’e dealing with rheumatic diseases, arthritis or paralysis, {among other ailments} or are looking for curative treatments and therapies that use all natural ingredients. 

Therapies | In keeping with this ancient science, the resort offers therapies, massages, medical packs, diet control and exercises that maintain health, as well as fight illnesses. Here are a few we found interesting.

Pizhichil: An anti-ageing treatment, it also betters circulation and tackles fatigue.

Dhara: Designed to combats headaches, insomnia and mental tension.

Vasthi: A purification treatment that relieves constipation, treats sexual disorders and backaches, among other things.

The Cool Part | Taking the term ‘royal treatment’ rather literally, the beauty clinic uses beauty care secrets used by Indian princesses back in the day – recipes involving various herbs, herbal extracts, fresh fruits and natural products.

Beyond Therapy | Traditional therapies here are paired with 24 hour room service, internet, yoga, cultural programs to acquaint you with art, dance and music from Kerala, indoor games, boating, elephant rides, a weekly mehendi class and shopping trips into the city.

Where | Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort, Chowara P.O., South of Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram- 695501

Contact | +91-471-2268101/2266111

Price | Depends on your choice of accommodation, duration and treatments chosen, for more information, click here.

For more information, log on to their website here.

Jindal Naturecare Institution, Bangalore courtesy:

Spread across 100 acres of lush greenery, Jindal Naturecare Institution is run by the Sitaram Jindal Foundation {a charitable trust} and is known for being a specialty naturopathy and yoga centre. Treatments here are both preventive and curative, and are non invasive and drugless. Even the vegetables and fruit they serve are organically grown on the premises. Diagnosis is, however, only through scientific methods and modern medical equipment.

Go here if | you suffer from one of these rather common diseases, most of which seem to have affected most of us to some degree – IBS, ameobiasis, anemia, anxiety neurosis, arthritis, constipation, colitis, depression, obesity and insomnia, among others. Patients meet with a doctor on a regular basis, for regular updates.

Therapies | Based on the principle of Naturopathy {or nature therapy}, treatments include diet therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and exercise programs. Some of the more popular ones are

Hydrotherapy: Water based treatments that include packs, fermentation, tub baths, aquatic exercises and some cleansers {literally} like enemas and colon hydrotherapy.

Manipulative Therapy: Choose from oil massages, vibro massage, hot stone massage and the deep tissue massage.

Fasting Therapy: A therapeutic fasting treatment in which juices/soups are allotted to patients, specifically targeted at their ailment.

The Cool Part | Being a charitable hospital, fees range from free accommodation, to modest shared rooms, to luxury two bedroom villas. They do follow a strict application process though.

Beyond Therapy | Other facilities for residents include a gorgeous walking track, yoga sessions, aerobics, a badminton court, dvds on rent, a diet centre, a swimming pool, a library, a parlour and reflexology.

Where | Jindal Naturecure Institute, Jindal Nagar, Tumkur Road, Bangalore – 560 073

Contact | 91 8023717777

Price | Depends on your choice of accommodation, duration and treatments chosen, for more information, click here.

For more information, log on to their website here.

Ashiyana : Yoga and Spa Village, Goa


Aiming to free its residents from mental and physical tensions, Ashiyana propagates and emanates ‘joyful living’ through the ancient wisdom of yoga therapy, customised for individual needs. Also it’s in Goa, in the midst of tropical flora and fauna!

Go here if | you wish to target the symptoms of disorders we all experience daily – stress, burnout, weight issues, digestive disorders, diabetes, insomnia, heart conditions, respiratory disorders, various addictions.  Detoxification and rejuvenation is their forte.

Therapies | After a detailed consultation with a doctors or “Elemental Yoga Therapist,” you get a customized program, and to make sure you’re comfortable, consultations are ongoing. Choose either the Sublime Wellbeing Detox and Rejuvenation retreat or the Yoga and Ayurveda Detox – both of which are focused on detoxing the body in a systematic way. There’s also the Urban Antidote Rejuvenation Retreat, which focuses on deep relaxation. These are available as one week, two week or three week programs.

The Cool Part | You will end your stay here with a range of practices that you can take back with you to help you deal with your stress issues in everyday life.

Beyond Therapy | Try what they call the barefoot boogie {based on contact improvisation dance} and enjoy impromptu gatherings and workshops, or just hang out in one of their ‘chill spaces’.

Price | Depends on your choice of accommodation, duration and treatments chosen, for more information, click here.

Where | Ashiyana Tropical Retreat Centre, Junas Waddo, Mandrem, Goa

Contact |

For more information and prices, log on to their website here.

The Ayurvedic Healing Village {By Kairali}, Kerala

kairali-ayurveda-villaimage courtesy:

Healing Village provides what they call ‘a refuge of complete stillness, ‘ and guidance to help with a range of chronic health problems, given that it is a certified Ayurveda Hospital. In sync with ancient Vedic practices, even its guest villas are based on Vaastu Shastra architecture practices.

Go here if | Whatever your health aim, Kairali has a detoxification program right up your alley. From stress relief, arthritis and migraines, to post pregnancy care, beauty and weight loss. Ask for the Panchakarma treatment – the ayurvedic detox they’re best known for.

Therapies | The list is pretty exhaustive, from a dedicated detox and rejuvenation program, to a preventive and regenerative program, and a range of specific targeted programs in between – dealing with sinusitis, slip discs, skin diseases, diabetes and eye care. For  detailed descriptions, click here.

The Cool Part | Detox with an education! Attend the ayurvedic cookery and nutrition classes, and yoga and meditation that’ll help maintain this lifestyle after you head back home.

Beyond Therapy | If you’re looking to learn more about the science of Ayurveda, there’s yoga tuition, meditation, astrology, palmistry, lectures in Indian philosophy and traditional Indian rituals. If you’re looking for a link to home, or a Kerala experience, there’s a library, cyber centre, swimming pool, tennis court, conference halls and an amphitheater, access to lakes, valleys, and waterfalls and visits to tea plantations, wildlife sanctuaries and the indigenous tribes of Kerala.

Price | Depends on your choice of accommodation, duration and treatments chosen, for more information, click here.

Where |  Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village, Olassery P.O, Kodumbu Palakkad Dist – 678551,

Contact | +91 4923-222553/623224402/03

For more information, find their Facebook page here or log on to their website here.

Vana Retreat, Dehradun

vana-malsi-estate-condenasttraveller-11sep13-pr_b_646x430image courtesy:

The new kid on the block, Vana is our pick for those who associate a break with heading for the hills. Ayurveda, Tibetan healing, yoga, natural healing, spa, fitness – choose what works for you, and they’ll tailor make a program for you to reach your goal. A 21 acre estate in the midst of forests and orchards, the view and tranquility makes this one every mountain lover’s paradise. Look for their introductory specials!

Go here if | you don’t know what you want. Yes! Apart from the more popular reasons for signing up for a wellness programs, Vana lists an objective as ‘Don’t know yet!’ So if you know you need some recuperating, but aren’t sure how exactly, their pre and post arrival consult will sort you out.

Therapies | Guests can choose from one complimentary Tibetan or ayurvedic treatment, a signature Vana massage, a private yoga session or various other wellness treatments. There are also several complimentary group treatments currently on offer. The Detox cleanse is custom made and includes one complimentary treatment per day, as well as full use of all of the group activities, spa and other facilities.

The Cool Part | We hear the signature Vana massage is a must try.

Beyond Therapy | Vana houses two restaurants – Salana for a cuisine based on wellness principles and Anayu, for Indian meals based on the principles of ayurveda. They also have shared spaces for discourses, organize trips to Rishikesh, hold daily guided meditation and yoga, and music performances

Price | Depends on your choice of accommodation, duration and treatments chosen. For more information, click here.

Where | Vana, Malsi Estate, Mussoorie Road, Dehradun, 248001

Contact |, 011 4060 0000

For more information, find their Facebook page here, or log on to their website here.