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Want An Insta-Worthy Bedroom? Here Are 6 Decor Ideas To Help You

If you use your bedroom only as a place to sleep, maybe it’s time to redecorate! With these super-easy {and budget-friendly!} room decor ideas, you’ll get to add some character to your space and make it worth posting on Instagram; over and over again.

My Mattress Be My Bed

Get a high-end mattress (more than 8 inches) in lieu of a bed, and get some throw pillows with fun sayings or bright colours. Loosely style your bedding with a subtly-coloured quilt, to create a softer and more approachable vibe to your room. For a more polished look, opt for a duvet in shades of grey, taupe or French blue.

LBB recommends: UrbanLadder, Springwel, Hush, Sleepwell and Sealy.

Bedside Table Manners

The way you keep your bedside table {nightstand} says a lot about who you are. A classy look involves black furniture with vintage-inspired decor. A feminine feel can be achieved with tones of peach and white. Lovers of a rustic aesthetic can opt for a nightstand with a wooden frame, and decorate with brown and green items.

Instead of a nightstand, you could also choose a couple of old trunks!

LBB recommends: Furniturewalla, InLiving, Pepperfry and Damro India.

Home Décor Stores


Shop 416, Next To Hotel Fortune Park, Ghitorni, New Delhi


‘Shelfies’ Are In

Believe it or not, ‘shelfies’ are a thing! Instead of storing books and old newspapers on your shelf, experiment with old CDs, candles and trinkets to make it the spotlight of your bedroom.

#ProTip: Make sure the shelves are not placed too high if you have low-levelled bedding to maintain balance.

Go Green With Houseplants

There’s no corner in a bedroom that a houseplant cannot add character to, so place them on windowsills, desks or even hang them from the walls!

LBB recommends: The Tree Company, NurseryLive and check out our list too.


Fairy Lights

String lights look whimsical, no matter where you hang them. What’s best is that fairy lights are inexpensive, flexible & come in a variety of styles!

LBB recommends: Sadar Bazar, Dariba Kalan, Kinari Bazaar, Lajpat Nagar Central Market, Indra Market {Noida} and Sikanderpur {Gurgaon}.

Personalise Your Dresser

Add a personal touch to your dresser. You could add fabric to the sides of the drawer, paint the base, use lace to re-cover the drawers, paint stripes, or even laminate it. The ideas are endless, so pick one that resonates with you {and use Pinterest for inspiration, too}.

So, We're Saying...

Decorating your bedroom is an art. With these bedroom decor ideas, your Insta-worthy bedroom is only a few tweaks away. A rule of thumb here is get your layering, placement and light setting right, the rest just falls in place. So go ahead – experiment & make a double tap-worthy bedroom!

This recommendation was first posted on UrbanClap Homes.