By Rashi Wadhera

Suited, booted and super sweet. His truffles, that is. A discovery courtesy our favourite designer, the crew at LBB has tried, tested, gifted, displayed and bought his truffles one too many times, so these come specially recommended.

With no formal training, before you start scanning this piece for the mandatory Cordon Bleu mention, Hargo is just simply drawn to baking, from the most rudimentary feeling – love. We don’t know if it is the love that makes it work, but his truffles give rich, decadent and calories a new meaning. Available in a host of different flavours, retailed in boxes of four, if it’s a V day special you’re in the market for, you don’t need the other 6 days of dessert. Besides truffles in chocolate, mint, mocha coffee, dark chocolate and triple orange, you can’t go wrong with his roasted almond clusters, available in dark, milk and white chocolate.

Like any good LBB vetted baker, his repertoire doesn’t stop at truffles; there’s cupcakes, cookies and cake. Don’t go down the customised cakes route, some things are too beautiful to ruin with marzipan. Like his no bake Baileys Truffle cake. Also, Carrot Cupcakes. Actually, just ask him, once we start, we’re not sure where to stop. Kind of like when someone hands us a box of his truffles.

Where: So far, he’s only online, get in touch with him on Facebook here.¬†