Delhi Photo Festival is fast turning out to be a place for one to scout for up and coming talent. From Iran, Denmark, India, Bangladesh and more, these student photographers are doing everything just right.

Aditi Sharma {India}

aditi-sharma- 7 Student Photographers to Catch at DPF 2015Her hardcover book, I am From will be on display at the Delhi Photo Festival. We love how she talks of home and belonging through her photographs; oscillating between a physical space called home and an emotional construct. Find the NID student delving into past associations, memories and inanimate things that stay behind once people move on.

Image courtesy Aditi Sharma 

Arun Vijai Mathavan {India}

Arun-Vijai-Mathavan 7 Student Photographers to Catch at DPF 2015An engineer turned photographer, Arun explores places in relation to the environment and urbanisation. Urban Mountains is a look at how overpopulation has given birth to huge mountains of waste on the outskirts of cities, creating a new looming landscape {and reality}, that no one wants to talk about.

Image courtesy Arun Vijai Mathavan

Felix von der Osten {Germany}

Felix-von-der-Osten-copy 7 Student Photographers to Catch at DPF 2015The Buffalo That Could Not Dream is a project about the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in Montana, USA. Fort Belknap is the shared homeland to the Gros Ventre and Assiniboine Tribes, who were historically enemies, but were forced to live together. Felix documents this community and their beautifully preserved heritage.

Image courtesy Felix von der Osten

Marina Paulenka {Croatia}

Marina-Paulenka 7 Student Photographers to Catch at DPF 2015The artist mires herself into the lives of women who are serving their terms at Požega Penitentiary {only female prison in Croatia where more than 130 prisoners}. Find her telling the story of these “criminals”, all of whose identites are reduced to just that. The Other Home also visualises womanhood, intimacy, motherhood, home, surveillance and architecture, emphasising the presence of a woman inside a prison.

Image courtesy Marina Paulenka

Fatemeh Sarah Jabbari {Iran}

Fatemeh-Sarah-Jabbari-copy 7 Student Photographers to Catch at DPF 2015Now being called just ‘Gulf’, the alteration of the Persian Gulf made the artist curious about the 7,000 year old culture of Iran. Sarah uses her photography to depict the daily life of an Iranian Balouchi family, one of the Aryan tribes of Iran. Find yourself looking into a city that suffers from severe poverty, unemployment, and addicted youth, trying to save itself from falling apart.

Image courtesy Fatemeh Sarah Jabbari

Michael Drost-Hansen {Denmark}

Michael-Drost-Hansen-copy 7 Student Photographers to Catch at DPF 2015

In the camps refugee has a roof over their heads. The houses were built as temporary home, but several are now being made permanent. The houses are made of bamboo with some woven wood. The roofs are thin sheets patched with palm leaves and empty bags from aid. Sewage water runs freely in the grooves between the houses.

The displaced Rohingya Muslims in Burma live in government-controlled camps for internally displaced people just a few kilometres from their former homes. The camps are like prisons; they cannot go outside and very little aid is provided. The question of immigration rears its ugly head in Michael’s project, which shows the Rohingyas’ 2,000 kilometre escape to Malaysia or Thailand on home-made boats.

Image courtesy Michael Drost – Hansen 

Kasper Løftgaard {Denmark}

Kasper-Løftgaard-copy 7 Student Photographers to Catch at DPF 2015

Ty Ellis is a student at Odessa College, and he competes in bullriding. This day his legs were hurting, but he got on 2 bulls anyway. He got bucked off both times.

The Cowboy Life is a story about cowboy culture. The artist’s aim is to show a culture and a group of people, who are supposed to look a certain way {John Wayne and Marlboro Man amirite?}. While in many ways this collective imagination of ours is true, in a lot of ways it’s not. Most of all, these cowboys are kind and humble human beings, fathers and sons, living in a modern world and Kasper brings it forward to the public.

Image courtesy Kasper Loftgaard

When: 30th Oct-8th Nov
Where: IGNCA, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, CV Mess, Janpath
Nearest Metro Station: Central Secretariat
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Feature image courtesy acclaimimages


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