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Balcony Makeover 101: Here Are 7 Things You Can Do To Create A Cosy Outdoor Space

In the high-rise concrete jungles of our cities, having our own piece of open sky and fresh air is a blessing, and we should make the best of it. If you are fortunate to have an open terrace in your home, look at these easy-to-implement ideas and be inspired to create your own urban garden paradise.

Green It Up

Nothing can compare to livening up a terrace with greens. You can be sure that the greener your place is, the prettier it will look. Do not worry about creating order, a pattern or even symmetry. Use the tropical climate zone to your advantage and grow as many plants as you can. When it comes to plants, more is more.

LBB Tip: Check out Masjid Nursery for a variety of massive indoor plants, palms and also ceramic pots. Nisha Nursery in Palam’s another plant heaven with bonsais, pretty flowers and also garden accessories. If you’re too lazy to carry heavy plants and pots back home? NurseryLive will deliver them to your doorstep. They’ve also got pebbles, seeds and fertilisers to help you with the upkeep of your pretty outdoor space.

Grow Food

A kitchen garden is a must-do if you have a sunlit terrace. The first few bits of greenery that you add should be herbs and vegetables. Not only will they add the verdant look you desire, but be a source of healthy, chemical-free produce for your kitchen as well. You can choose what you’d like to grow according to your and your family’s interests and your confidence level. Start with herbs, such as mint, sweet basil, lemon grass or easy-to-grow vegetables like chillies, brinjals, tomatoes and beans.

LBB Tip: Tomatoes, chillies or sweet basil, these three online websites – NurseryLive, MyBageecha and Lawnkart – will deliver high-yielding seeds to your place. MyBageecha also has low-maintenance pretty terrariums {just in case, growing food seems like too much effort}.

Add A Water Feature

The presence of natural elements such as plants, rocks and water captures the ethereal charm of a garden, transforming an open space into an arbour of delight. You could either just add an earthen bowl of water, with a few water lilies or install one of the small portable water fountains easily available in the market these days.

If you have the space, budget and inclination, then there is nothing like installing a small waterfall or a feature with flowing water. The sound of trickling water immediately induces a sense of calm in most of us. In this example, water trickles down a plain metallic sheet into a bed of pebbles and is pumped up again. Such compact and low-maintenance features can be great for urban balconies and provide immediate escape into a zone of calm.

LBB Tip: Even if you have the tiniest exterior space, Balcony Makeovers can help you turn it into the outdoor patch of your dreams. Also, check out our list of places for all kinds of garden accessories from pebbles and stones to watering cans.

Add Celebratory Lights

The tropical climate in most of India makes it tough to sit outside for most part of the day. Often, it is in the evening and night-time that you will have the opportunity to sit and enjoy your terrace. Bring out some of the lights that are often kept only for festivals. Garden lanterns, twinkling fairy lights, shiny disco balls, whatever you fancy – put those lights up and have a little festival at hand every time you switch on the lights of your terrace.

LBB Tip: Check out IDAM for fairy lights with lace, but if it’s typical garden laterns that you’re looking for {think rope and jute lamps}, hit up MG Road Cane Market {for garden furniture too}. These 10 shops in Khan Market and Dilli Haat are reliable options too.

Cook & Eat

Where there are friends and family, there’s got to be food. Al fresco cooking on the terrace is fun and very easy. If space allows, install a portable barbecue or even a full-fledged cooking station. Download a few recipes, pick a few veggies from the terrace garden, and enjoy your own plant-to-plate meals.

LBB Tip: For portable barbecue, check out Pepperfry, Amazon and Napoleon India.

Display Your Passion

Whatever your interests – arts, crafts, books, cooking – use your terrace as a display area for them. This way, your terrace will become a quick escape to a personal space to take you away from the routine of the house. It becomes a place to indulge in your favourite activity.

You can show off your collections. Dedicate a corner or a wall to put up your acquisitions made over the years. If too much sun or humidity is an issue, choose elements that can withstand exposure to heat, dust or excessive moisture.

Create Lounging Spaces

Have different levels of seating to create a more informal and relaxed atmosphere. Choose furniture, fabrics and colours keeping local weather conditions in mind.

LBB Tip: MyBageecha‘s great for rot-iron garden furniture, Balcony Makeovers for economical charpai benches and Gurgaon’s Handmade World for stunning wicker chairs you can enjoy your outdoor coffee sessions in. For pretty decor like birdcages, lights and floor mats, Lajpat Nagar stores are your best bet.

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