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8 Things To Give You A Food High At The Asian Hawkers Market

Mary posted on 17 October

Diwali might be a few days away, but we're giving you the perfect reason to start indulging in some great food early. The third edition of Asian Hawkers Market is back with some of the yummiest food from the East.

Spread over three days, this is your chance to sample the best of five-star and casual dining restaurants. Think cuisine from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Piro Hero Noodles At Wai Wai City

wai-wai Giving a whole new spin to instant noodles, Piro Hero Noodles are perfect for anyone who has a soft spot for Wai Wai. With a sauté of fresh seasonal veggies in spicy Kung Pao sauce along with a garnish of crispy chillies and crushed peanuts, this is comfort food done right.

Japanse Katsu Curry At Asian Haus

asian-haus-picIt's known for serving some of the best Chinese appetisers and entrees in the city, and we definitely think you should get your hands on their Japanese Katsu Curry at Asian Haus stall. With a rich curry-flavoured Japanese sauce, this dish is served on a bed of fragrant sticky rice along with a generous dose of crispy veggies or chicken {started drooling yet?}.

Water Chestnut & Truffle Oil Dim Sum At Ping's Café Orient

pingsAt Ping's Cafe Orient stall, get ready to explore some of the best dishes that Singapore has to offer. In case you cannot make up your mind, we recommend their Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Wild Mushroom, and Water Chestnut & Truffle Oil Dim Sum.

Signature Khao Suey At Burma Burma

burma-burmaWith food so delicious, Burma Burma can convert even the most passionate non-vegetarian. If decoding their menu is tough business, try their signature Khao Suey which will get your taste buds tingling and asking for more. Plus it's the only dry Khao Suey available in the entire country, so you have good incentive to try this one out.

Singaporean Pork Satay At Chi Asian Cookhouse

chi-asian-cookhouseThis fine-dining restaurant is set to serve a stellar range of dim sums, seafood and Thai fare at the event. Try the Singaporean Pork Satay that is high on both taste and flavour; little chunks of marinated pork threaded onto bamboo skewers and grilled over coals until charred, then served with a sauce? Yes to that, please.

Char Sui Bao At Fatty Bao

fatty-baoThey have bao-ed us in the past so many times in the past, and this time, too, we can’t wait to stuff our faces silly with lots of delish baos from Fatty Bao’s menu. Try their Char Sui Boa, made from imported BBQ pork belly green apple kimchi, hoisin sauce, sesame oil and scallions. Trust us, becoming a fan of their food is just a bao away.

Yakitori At Benihana

yakitoriWant to see professional Japanese chefs hacking away at an iron griddle before serving you steak, pork and other scrumptious dishes? Make your way to Benihana, where you can indulge in some of the finest Japanese food you will find in the city.

Pork Belly At Guppy

guppy-signature-pork-bellyYou don’t have to go to Japan to savour their food, thanks to Guppy. With dishes that go beyond just sushi, we believe that their Pork Belly has to make it to your eating list. With its melt in your mouth, soft Belgian pork belly glazed with soy honey and mustard miso dipping sauce, this is one dish that you will be talking about for a very long time to come.

When: Oct 21 – 23

Timings: 12pm – 10pm

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