The Best Y2K Trends We're Loving In The Lee X H&M's 90s Collection


    Mom jeans, chunky gold hoops, crop tops, overalls... Someone hold my butterfly clips, I'm in 90s fashion heaven. While new trends are cool and all, I love waiting out to see which trends will make a comeback and 90s style is one that's honestly here to stay. 90s fashion isn't just Y2K (although Beyonce makes a strong case for it), it can be anything from 90s grunge, hip-hop street style or even high school chic. While H&M X Lee's sustainable denim collection is going ham on this trend and I'm living for it, if I didn't curate the best 90s trendy pieces online for you, I'd be a total square (petition to bring back 90s slang, too.)

    Not-So-Skinny Jeans

    Women Light Denim Flared Jeans


    My non-chaffed thighs thank me every single day ever since I retired my skinny jeans in favour of the more 90s' baggy fit of flared jeans and mom jeans. For casual looks, mom jeans are totally rad (side note: I might overdo it with the 90s slang today) to wear to work or run errands but flared jeans with a crop top are perfect for a dressy night out (with high heels and a tiny bag.)

    Chunky Hoop Earrings

    Braided Half Hoops


    Literally everyone in the 90s wore hoop earrings and the bigger, the chunkier, the better. Whether someone's niche in 90s style was oversized street style or grunge-y alt looks, if you'd take a look at the ears, you could expect hoops. While you may already have a basic pair of gold hoops in your jewellery box, opt for these braided ones that'll match with literally everything. 

    Layered Chokers

    Stone & Floral Charm Detail Layered Choker


    Remember those really crappy material, plastic tattoo chokers that were all the rage, especially worn with denim jackets and hair tied back? While those were definitely the right edge your OOTD needed back then, I quite like the modern way of wearing 90s chokers a little more, that is, layered gold chain links for a 90s touch to your 2021 outfit.

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    Midriff Bearing Crop Tops

    Women Self Textured Mustard Crop Top


    To go with all the flared and loose legged bottoms, to balance it out, 90s kids paired up their jeans with a cute yet casual crop top. Literally go shopping anywhere and you'll find more crop tops than regular fit tops so it's safe to say these are in regular rotation whether you're of the 90s persuasion or not, but I always say, go for the classic look. 

    Denim Dungarees

    Women Basic Denim Blue Dungaree Jumpsuit

    Overalls or jumpsuits - these have gone by many, many names but my 90s heart will always call them dungarees. Denim had a major 90s moment thanks to labels like Levi's and Lee and these relaxed fit denim dungarees is perfect to ease into this trend, quite literally. Wear it with a cute crop top inside and don't forget white sneakers.

    Stackable Scrunchies

    Set of 4 Fabric Scrunchies


    Worn less to actually keep your hair out of your face and more as a bracelet, I love scrunchies. They look so playful and cute with a casual outfit and while you may keep misplacing that black hair tie on your wrist, when your scrunchie is this big, it's sort of hard to lose it. 

    Denim Jackets For Days

    Women Rough Hem Detail Solid Dual Patch Pocket Jacket


    You didn't think I'd go without adding a denim jacket to a 90s fashion list, especially when it's got to do with the iconic Lee? Of course not. This cropped denim jacket adds a boxy, anti-fit to the jacket and if you go oversized enough, it's like the shacket (shirt + jacket for the uninitiated) of your denim dreams.  

    Oversized Graphic Tees

    Women 'Noooo.' Graphic T-Shirt


    For those of you who obsess over 90s hip-hop and R&B, you'll have noticed how everyone, from the rappers to the dancers, always had a totally sick pair of sneakers on (almost always Air Jordans) along with, yes, an extremely oversized t-shirt. Back then, I totally thought it seemed funny buying a t-shirt that reaches your mid-thigh but now, I live for oversized tees especially since you could wear them as a t-shirt dress, knotted as a crop top or just put 'em on with jeans and hoops and you're good to go (to a Snoop Dogg music video shoot.)

    Strappy Sandals

    Women Solid Cross Strappy Open Back Block Heels


    If you can imagine your shoes being worn by Carrie Bradshaw in an episode of Sex & The City; congratulations, you've out-retroed yourself. Strappy sandals are having a major moment, especially with little heels (my ankles send a loving thanks to NYFW) and I'm pretty sure I've seen Jennifer Anniston wear something similar to these on a red carpet. Or maybe it was Jennifer Lopez. My point being, both were 90s queens and still are iconic today. 

    Fanny Packs

    Monochrome Handcrafted Textured Fanny Pack


    Yeah, yeah, they're called belt bags now but I know a fanny pack when I see one and so there's no way I'm calling it a bum bag or belt bag or any less embarrassing alliteration fashion writers have been able to come up with. I love these bags, especially worn across the chest as an even more in-your-face accessory and I'd be lying if I didn't think going hands free was super comfortable. 

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    Now that the 90s kid in you is happy, check out some fashion trends that you'll see everywhere in 2021, not to fuel your shopping addiction but to keep your Instagram looking cool, duh.