5 Reasons Why You Have To Check Out This Restaurant That Does Indian Food With A Modern Twist

With new restaurants opening up every day in Delhi, it gets difficult to find the best options out of the lot. But one new restaurant that has managed to impress us & make us want to go back to the place again is Monsoon by Cafe Lota in Aerocity. They do desi food with a contemporary modern twist & the result is every foodie’s dream come true. 

Monsoon by Cafe Lota aims to evoke the joy and elation that the rainy season brings to everyone across India, and has tried to capture that joy through the creative use of locally sourced ingredients to produce a unique fusion of Indian flavors. They also have a carefully crafted list of unusual beers & an exhaustive wine list to pair your food with. Here are our top five recommended dishes that you just can’t miss:

Scotch Egg

Beetroot, carrot, beans, and cauliflower masala wrapped around a boiled egg, crumb-fried and served with a spicy mustard sauce. Yes, I just described the scotch egg and now, let me just go and fill the masterchef competition form. You’re as likely to hate this dish as I am to win Masterchef.

Khapli and Bandel Cheese Salad

Another starter that you should definitely order is Khapli wheat and Bandel Cheese Salad. It’s refreshing and can instantly make your day so much better. It comes with roasted bell peppers, cucumbers, a kasundi and sugarcane vinegar vinaigrette, the flavours are sure to wake your senses. So, make plans with your friends right away.

Monsoon Fried Chicken

This one is our most favourite. It’s boneless chicken thigh marinated in a mint-coriander masala and quick pickled cucumber with sweet-spicy coconut-coriander chutney. I’m at a loss of words here because it’s just too good!

Broccoli Makhani

Their whole broccoli in a malai marinade, cooked in a tandoor and served in a delicious butter chicken style curry is the perfect meal for all the vegetarian folks out there. It’s also served with a pudina parantha and that’s what makes the dish even better.

Chocolate Torte

Monsoon by Cafe Lota’s desserts piqued our interest more than anything. The Chocolate Torte is another unmissable dish that will leave you wanting for more (especially if you love chocolate). So, what are you waiting for? Plan a date here soon. 

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World Mark 1, Lower Ground Floor, R-4, Aerocity, New Delhi