LBB Giveaway: Get Some Summer Fizz With This Zero Sugar Sparkling Water!


    What Makes It Awesome

    With Summer fast approaching, it’s time to double our efforts of staying hydrated at all times. And if you’re on a hunt to find the perfect summer drink, we’ve found one for you! Enter ZOik’s Sparkling water. Sipping on this delicious bubbly drink is definitely how we’re planning to spend our days because pounding these won't affect your work and your health as other fizzy drinks do. Why you ask? It has zero sugar, zero caffeine, and zero preservatives. And here’s a chance for you to win an exciting hamper from them! 

    If you’re looking to replace your sugar-filled drink or trying to find a more yummy and healthier post-workout option ZOik’s sparkling water is an absolute treat. Enjoy it on its own or even whip up some delicious drinks using it if you’re in the mood to experiment. Gone are the days where we used to slurp back soda cans, welcome to the age of healthy fizz with ZOik! 

    Want to win their exciting hamper? Well, all you gotta do is follow them on Instagram here, and tell us the one drink you like whipping up using sparkling water to jazz up your time with your friends and family! 

    What Will You Win

    LBB will declare 3 winners who will win a hamper that’ll carry ZOik’s sparkling water and syrup!

    So hurry up now and start commenting!