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Foodies, Here’s An Exclusive List Of Sinful & Drool-Worthy Dishes You Must Try In Delhi

Vaishnavi posted on 07 August

Modern lifestyle and long working hours haven’t let the foodie in you explore and try new dishes? Is the weekend the only time you can go all out and dive into the kind of things you love eating? We asked  some food experts about their favourite places to have sinful dishes—and so, this list was born. This food bible covers everything from a drink to dessert that’s worth your time and money. Here’s what you need to try...

Get LIIT Up!

All those crazy long hours at work call for Social’s tall-glassed LIITs.This deadly drink has to be on your bucket list. The Electric LIIT is made using five spirits – vodka, gin, tequila, rum, triple sec, blue curacao and red bull(to give you wings). This potion will definitely make you forget all your working hours in front of your laptop and yeah, do not forget to give your liver a detox.  It’s basically common sense in a bottle that your body deserves. 

Casual Dining

Epicuria Food Mall, R-1, Upper Ground Floor, Nehru Place, New Delhi

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You Dessert It!

All desserts are bae but have you tried the dense, yet fruity Raspberry Cheesecake at Big Chill Cakery? They have gone up a notch with this creamy sinful delicacy of deliciousness layered with a raspberry compote. You’d think they are lighter than your average chocolate dessert or tiramisu, but this decadent dessert leaves them far behind. Get prepared to be blasted with the rich taste of raspberries with each bite, along with a sugar rush at the end of it with a melt in your chocolate brownie surprise. But hey, while you are busy indulging in these make Setu - Modern Health Supplements your routine just like the dessert. Your food indulgences will keep happening but remember your mom’s health mantra- take your vitamins and health supplements to keep going. 


Main Market, Khan Market, New Delhi

Big Buns Don’t Lie

Good or bad day, burgers always come to the rescue. Between Buns’ Chicken Schnitzel Burger is both unique and delicious. Consisting of a crispily fried fillet of herb crumbed chicken breast in a sesame brioche, served with cheddar cheese(OMG) along with a portion of house fries. This perfectly crisp burger will not only fill your tummy but your heart too. 

Casual Dining

C-13, SDA Market, Opp. IIT Delhi, SDA, New Delhi

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Caffeine Fix

Calling all coffee connoisseurs – here’s one coffee that you need to try. The Salt Mocha at Blue Tokai is unlike anything we’ve ever tried before. Who knew that salt and coffee could compliment each other? Pair it up with almond or soy milk for an extra cost and you are ready to slay all day! Best part? They have both cold & hot brews on their menu for your caffeine fix. 

Khasra 258, Lane 3, Westend Marg, Said Ul Ajaib, Saket, New Delhi

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Drunch In Love!

We have an amazing hangover cure after a heavy night of drinking on a Saturday night – drunch at Olive! Spoil yourself to an extensive meal filled with sparkling wine and an endless array of Mediterranean dishes filled with heavy flavours. That’s not all, you can pick from there menu full of pizzas, pasta, and steak. This sinful indulgence will make you feel like you’re in Greece with their décor and ambience, all on point. 

Your body, gut & heart needs to be super strong and healthy to finish these delicious yet sinful dishes. If binge eating and over drinking has become a skill you can put on your CV, maybe it’s time to stop and ponder. Also, if that Friday drink is unavoidable, we'd like you to be conscious about it and here’s where Setu - Modern Health Supplements supplements will save your day. 

Their product Yourgut will do all the necessary digestive duties and improvise your gut health over the course of time so you can keep experimenting & try new foods in the city. Also, did you know 70% of your body’s immune defence is taken care of by your Gut?

Now that your list is in place, be smart, block your calendar and enjoy the roller coaster of flavours. To know more about Setu - Modern Health Supplements, visit their website. 

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Fine Dining

One Style Mile, Haveli 6, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi

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