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    Tees Inspired by Your Fave Music Artists at The Glu Affair

    Ipsita posted on 12 January


    The Glu Affair is a clothing brand with a collection that consists largely of T-shirts with prints and artwork inspired by Radiohead, Coldplay, and other such artists. They also have cute socks with French fry prints and the like.

    Everything in its right place

    An art based brand, The Glu Affair sources its designs from artists from around the world. They’ve got basic Tees up their sleeves, but it’s their collection of printed Tees we’re eyeing. With artwork that’s been inspired by popular songs and artists, these T-shirts are great additions to anyone with a keen ear for music. They’ve got one for Damien Rice’s 9 Crimes and another for Coldplay’s Fix You. If we had to pick a favourite, it would have to be Radiohead’s Everything in its Right Place.

    They’ve even got cute tops with cassette prints and folk instruments like the ukulele and mouth organ!

    For socks’ sake!

    The folks at The Glu Affair are a generous bunch, for they recently sent out lots of pairs of socks for us at the LBB headquarters, all of which were snatched up in a matter of minutes. The most popular of the lot—the black ones with fries and burgers on them!

    PS: If you’re an artist or graphic designer with an eye {and ear} for pop culture, you can collaborate with them for a collection!

    Where: You can shop for The Glu Affair products on Amazon here or check out their collection on Facebook here.

    Price: Starting at INR 149 for a pair of socks, and INR 699 for a T-shirt

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