Turn Your Apartment Into A Boho Beach Babe With Zofolo’s Home Decor


If you dig colours and impeccable craftsmanship, you should check out Disha Sharma’s home decor brand, Zofolo, that seems to be celebrating spring all year round.

Colour Me, Rainbow?

Everything at Zofolo is making us look forward to leisurely brunches and high teas with the squad {a grown-up side of us loves a good-looking home where we can have them classy get-togethers without wine on the walls. If we had to pick the one reason that’s making us turn to these cushions or these preppy couches, we’d say it’s the cheerful vibe that’s hard to miss. 

You could pick up a lone lamp for your bedside table or go all out with a summer refresh- some planters, candles and wall art can really go a long way. And don’t tell us these rugs don’t tug at your heartstrings.

While things here don’t exactly cost peanuts, know that you’re paying for quality and stunning finish. If it helps, we can also tell you that they like to support doggos and promote arts and crafts across the country.

So, We’re Saying…

Infuse life into that boring pad because hey, even the pizza boxes sitting under your bed are now done with the seven-year-old, dusty chair next to them.