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Budget-Friendly Makeover With Vibrant Curtains & Bed Skirts At Hippiesaaz!

What Makes It Awesome?

The magic ruffles are what make The HippieSaaz so special. The brand uses a distinct set of ruffles which makes it their USP. When combined with various contrasting shades, the horizontal ruffles perfectly sewed together are all set to give your love room a dreamy makeover. The vibrant colours ranging from bright blues to pinks, yellows, parrot greens teamed with similar shades of the prime colour and even a dash of white make it a fantastic choice for your vibrant room. It will add a happy vibe to it. Pocket-friendly prices are what make The HippieSaaz your go-to option for your room's transformation. The adorable curtains (in the best quality) start from 1000 bucks (for a pair) and the most comfortable bed skirts in most classy colours and floral patterns go up to 1500 bucks (with frills and ruffles). That's all that you need to pay for transforming your room into your happy place. You can get the curtains made in customised colour, be it an all-white piece or a soothing pastel shade. You name it and they have it! P.S: Add some fairy lights or lamps to your room and your family won't recognize it anymore!

What Could Be Better?

Even if you find something which could be better, the person behind the startup is a real cutie who curates everything with so much of love that it makes up for the rest. The quality of the material is definitely worth everything

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000