A Hot Brew Like No Other: The Whiskey Chai Is Perfect For Chilly Winter Nights!

Great For

What Makes It Awesome

The Whiskey Chai by The Tea Trove is for the boys and girls who want it all - this is a robust and rich black tea that packs in the flavour of a fine scotch whiskey - did I hear collective sighs? Smooth, well-rounded malty flavours meet that classic whiskey smokiness for an absolutely perfect post-dinner winter treat. What I loved was this lingering sweetness that stays on the palate and a very pleasing aroma.

What Could Be Better?

A lovely crisp nippy winter evening could make savouring this drink even better.

What's My Pro Tip?

Enjoy this very smooth black tea with a piece of dark chocolate or even some roasted nuts for an invigorating pick me up.

Anything Else?

The Tea Trove Whiskey Chai just has the heady flavour of fine Scotch- it’s actually non-alcoholic and perfect for teetotallers as well!