Cherrapunjee, Nongriat, Mawlynbna

    A Natural Amusement Park? Experience 7 adventurous days in Meghalaya this May

    Shraddha posted on 12 April

    What Did I Like?

    The Living Root Bridges. The Bohemian Resort. The People. With seasonal waterfalls at every corner fed by the rains, Meghalaya truly lives up to its name of being the ‘abode of clouds’. The endless meadows sprawled across the state turn green and trekking becomes an amazing experience. Geared with a raincoat one can truly enjoy a wet and wild adventure while camping in the monsoon!  A different ecosystem where you are going to be closer to nature than ever. On a clear night sky in Nongriat you might just lose count of the shooting stars you see.

    What Could Be Better?

    The explorers at ChaloHoppo are taking you there in the month of May. They have few seats left so hurry up! Click here to get more info

    What's My Pro Tip?

    Keep your eyes, nose, ears open and fasten your life jackets tight because you are going go RIVER CANYONING in Mawlyngbna!

    Anything Else?

    Mawlynbna was once home to dinosaurs and fossils have been found by paleontologists from the Geological Survey of India 

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    Cherrapunjee, Nongriat, Mawlynbna

      Cherrapunjee, Nongriat, Mawlynbna