Need A Vacay? Vacation Can't Get Better Than This At This Resort

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Solluna resort which is just 4 hrs drive from the hustle-bustle of Delhi is simply heaven. What an outstanding place to be! This place is located between beautifully surrounded mountains deep vegetation and the charming sound of the sparkling water which flows nearby the resort adds charm to the core. Chirping birds and the cloud emanating from the top of the mountains is simply desert to the eyes. The great thing about this resort is that the way they have used all the natural thing which is anyway there in the nature to its full use and the aesthetic sense from the ideation to the practical level. Everything is simply outstanding e.g, the rooms which are just so close to nature to the healthy food which not only fills the stomach but fills the soul and all the gentlemen who are there for the service. Its like yeoman service. You just have to wish the same and the thing will be at your doorstep If there can be a place which suits for all types of stay. Be it for fun or adventure or trekking or meditation or peace. It just fits in all the category across all the age group If you are a traveller at heart and have not stayed in Solluna then you have missed something and need to visit the place to make your travel 100% complete. Please go and explore the place now Its worth it.

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    Best To Go With?

    Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.